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Students’ Council to take applications for $25k facilities fund

With $25,000 burning a hole in its pocket, Students’ Council (SC) will soon begin accepting student proposals for how to spend a discretionary fund for improving student spaces.

“This is money for projects that students want but would never get done otherwise,” said co-president Phil Drexler ’14.

Drexler says these projects are not meant to supplement renovations and upkeep for which the College is already responsible. Previously, the fund has been used to fund projects like a student lounge in Lunt, current construction of a new lounge in Gummere, and a recording room for Black Squirrel Records – which is currently covered in mold and awaits renovation by the College.

How to use the fund is typically at the discretion of the SC co-presidents, said co-president Jacob Lowy ’14, but this year they are “designing a program for applying for funds, so it’s not just something Phil and I are deciding.”

Lowy says that, based on the number of applications they receive, they may decide to award $1000 for a number of small projects or $20,000 for a single proposal. A small $5000 contingency fund will be set aside for unexpected costs and projects that go over budget.

While the forthcoming application will include detailed criteria for the proposals, Lowy says they are looking for projects that are both feasible within the budget and that will affect a sizable portion of the student body.

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