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Spring 2023 Editorial Board

Matthew Denton ’24, Editor in Chief

Matthew is a prospective English/History major and Education minor from Cinnaminson, NJ. Outside of the Clerk, he enjoys running, reading, playing the guitar and designing board and card games. He’s down to chat about any of these things, as well as the sad state of Philadelphia sports, any time. You can reach him at

Zhao Gu Gammage ’25, Associate Editor

Zhao Gu Gammage is a prospective philosophy major from outside Philadelphia. Outside of The Clerk, she enjoys playing saxophone, reading, and straight vibing. She can be reached at

Sofia Malaspina ’26, Features Editor

Sofia is a prospective Neuroscience major and Health Studies and Spanish minor from Montclair, New Jersey. Outside of The Clerk, she enjoys working in a biology lab on campus, hiking, baking, and practicing yoga! You can reach her at

Cade Fanning ’26, News Editor

Cade is a prospective History major from Annapolis, Maryland. Outside of The Clerk, he plays ultimate frisbee and volunteers at the Marietta House Museum in Glendale, Maryland. He enjoys coin collecting, roasting marshmallows, and going to the beach. You can contact him at

Maxwell Mondress ’23, Editor Emeritus

Maxwell is an Economics major from Olympia, Washington. Outside of The Clerk, he is a member of the James House board and a student consultant for The Learning Institute at Bryn Mawr. In his free time, you can find him brewing kombucha and painting bad art with his friends. You can contact him at