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About Us

Remember that the Friend with particular gifts of judgment is not necessarily the one whose opinion is most needed on all matters; seek to assess the value of individual contributions. Do not forget that the silence of some is often of greater significance than the speech of others.
—British Yearly Meeting’s “Quaker Faith and Practice, Advice to Clerks,” 3.16
The Clerk launched online in April 2012 with the goal of providing timely, aggressive news coverage of the Bi-College community, completely independent of the institution and student government. We believe that an independent student press is important for holding the institution accountable, connecting students to their community, and passing on skills for critically engaging society and government. A strong and conscientious student press is key to a more transparent and accountable educational environment.
In May 2013, the Students’ Council awarded The Clerk with the Edmund J. Lee ’43 Memorial Award, a prize given each year to the student organization which has “contributed the most toward the furtherance of academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, spiritual growth or college spirit in individuals or in the College as a whole during the year.”
To create a community forum for all stakeholders (students, faculty, staff and administration) to discuss issues that affect us. By encouraging participation and promoting student interest in journalism, we hope to enrich students’ involvement and understanding of the community.
To provide Haverford College with comprehensive news coverage, promoting a transparent environment where decision-making is accessible to the community.
Journalism that is not only dedicated to the truth and balanced coverage, but strengthens the Haverford College community by following the values of honesty, integrity and concern for the community outlined in our Statement of Purpose.
The Clerk strives to publish content that is intellectually stimulating, factually and grammatically accurate, reflective of the values expressed in the Honor Code, and representative of a variety of perspectives from the Haverford community. Please note that we reserve the right not to publish any piece the editorial board feels is not in keeping with our mission or standards.
Interested in Getting Involved?
The Clerk is looking for writers, editors, photographers, web designers and artists.  We hold meetings Sunday nights at 7:30 pm. Interested in submitting your work? Contact us at