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Security Summary 4/27 – 5/3

Friday, April 27th

11:02 a.m.                              Vandalism                                            INSC

Facilities reported another damaged toilet in the INSC. It is believed that the damage occurred during a previously reported incident.


Saturday, April 28th

1:32 a.m.                                Alcohol Related Illness                       James House

A student notified Campus Safety concerning an alcohol related illness at James House.  Campus Safety and EMS responded.  Student was cleared to stay on campus as long as he was looked over by a fellow sober student.  The Graduate Assistant was notified.


11:57 p.m.                              Alcohol Related Illness                       HCA Trail

A student was taken from the HCA Trail to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance due to over-consumption of alcohol. The Graduate Assistant was notified.


Sunday, April 29th

1:37 a.m.                                Alcohol Related Illness                     Comfort Hall

Student was taken from Comfort Hall to Bryn Mawr Hospital due to an alcohol related illness. The Graduate Assistant was notified.


Monday, April 30th

4:56 p.m.                                Animal Matter                                   Gummere Hall

A student reported a Hummingbird flying in a hallway at Gummere. Officer was able to get the bird out safely.


Wednesday, May 2nd

4:08 p.m.                                Personal Injury                                 Duck Pond

A report was received of an injured person sitting near the Duck Pond. Officers reported the injured person was a Haverford student and she injured her ankle. Student transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by Campus Safety.


5:39 p.m.                                Vandalism                                         INSC

A staff member reported a large amount of water in the third floor ladies bathroom at Hilles Hall. The water was flowing from the fourth toilet stall. Facilities notified. Officer reported someone vandalized the toilet. Facilities shut the water off to the toilet. Signs were posted at the entrance of the bathroom


Thursday, May 3rd

11:54 p.m.                              Noise Complaint                               19 Hannum Drive

A complaint was received of loud noise coming from a party at 19 Hannum Drive. Students in the area were asked to lower their voices and complied.

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