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Campus Safety Brief, 3/18/22 – 3/24/22

Sunday, March 20th    

12:14 a.m.                 Noise Complaint               Hannum Drive

Anonymous caller reported loud music coming from the area of HCA 42. Group complied with Campus Safety’s request to lower the volume of the music.

1:42 a.m.                 Noise Complaint               Hannum Drive

Neighbor to the college reported loud noise levels in the area of the HCA apartments. Campus Safety detected high noise levels on arrival at HCA 22, students failed to comply with several requests to lower the music, Campus Safety shut down the party due to the lack of compliance.

2:41 a.m.                 Personal Illness               Comfort

Student reported that a fellow student is not feeling well after consuming a marijuana edible. Evaluation by the on campus EMS determined the student did not require addition medical care and remained on campus. 

4:02 a.m.                 Personal Illness               Gummere

A student requested assistance after a fellow student vomited due to consuming several shot of alcohol earlier in the night. The ill student was alert, speaking in a clear manner, student remained on campus, and the reporting student will stay with the ill student.

3:14 p.m.                 Safety Hazard               Lunt

A student reported they were stuck in their room due to a faulty door lock. Student was able to exit prior to Campus Safety’s arrival. Facilities staff responded to repair the lock

5:57 p.m.                 Fire Hazard               HCA 34

Student reported a burning odor in the building, odor was from a wood plate left too close to a lit stove burner.

Monday, March 21st 

12:35 p.m.             Personal Illness               Dining center

A student fainted in the Dining Center, responding EMS urged the student to go to the hospital for further care but the student refused. A short time later, a friend did drive the student to the hospital. 

10:07 p.m.                Personal Illness              HCA 50

Campus Safety received a report of a student that passed out, at arrival the student was not verbally responsive. Student decline medical care from the responding EMS. Student did remain on campus after it was learned the incident’s cause was due to a personal matter. 

Tuesday, March 22ndth    

3:59 p.m.                 Unauthorized               Use of facilities Johnson Track

Campus Safety received a report of a large group utilizing the track without authorization. Campus Safety advised the group of the campus policy for the use of the athletic facilities, the group left without incident.  

7:40 p.m.                 Fire Exit Drills           On campus

Safety Director conducted Fire Exit Drills for students at Barclay Lloyd, Comfort, Lunt, Jones, Tritton, Kim, and Leeds.

9:31p.m.                    Check On Well Being         Off Campus

A Haverford student contacted Campus Safety regarding the safety of a Bryn Mawr student, whose location was unknown. BMC Campus Safety and Lower Merion Police notified. Student was eventually located at BMC; BMC Campus Safety provided care for the student. 

Wednesday, March 23rd       

6:40 p.m.                    Check On Well Being     773 College Ave

Deans Office requested a Campus Safety check the well-being of a student, student located, advised to contact the Deans Office. 

Thursday, March 24th      

8:13 a.m.                     Personal Injury             Dining Center

A member of the Dining Center staff suffered an injury due to a medical issue that required addition care. Staff member transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance.

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