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Campus Safety Brief, 3/11/22 – 3/17/22

Friday, March 11th   

7:16 p.m.                   Unauthorized Use                   GIAC

Three individuals found waiting in the lobby area of the arena. When questioned if they were students, they stated that they were not. Campus Safety advised the individuals the arena was closed and not open to the public use. It is unknown how the individuals entered the building

7:32 p.m.                   Unauthorized Use                   GIAC

Campus Safety saw six to eight individuals attempting to operate a Facilities golf cart near the rear of the GIAC. They fled to the South lot and HCA areas and eventually exited the campus. No damage detected to any of the vehicles. 

Saturday, March 12th    

9:48 a.m.                  Safety Hazard                   804 Ardmore Ave

A student was unable to secure her apartment door, Facilities contacted for assistance.

Monday, March 14th    

1:58 p.m.                   Property Damage                   Visitor’s Lot

A student reported damage to their vehicle parked in the Visitor Lot, which occurred on 03-09-22. Haverford Police responded for a report.

5:15 p.m.                   Property Damage                   Walton Road

A student reported someone damaged the bumper of his car within the past few days. It is currently unknown how the damage occurred.

Tuesday, March 15th    

2:16 a.m.                   Alarm                                   County Line Road

Haverford Township Police contacted Campus Safety due an alarm sounding in the area of 210 County Line Rd. Upon a check of the area by Campus Safety and Haverford Township Police, the alarm was unfounded.

4:54 p.m.                   Personal Injury                   Dining Center

A Facilities employee injured his head while working in the Dining Center and requested transportation to the hospital for medical attention. A Campus Safety officer transported him to Bryn Mawr hospital. 

6:49 p.m.                   Vehicle Accident                  Coursey Road

An accident occurred at the parking lot near the Campus Center involving two vehicles. A track coach reported to Campus Safety that someone struck his car while parked at the Campus Center. An individual was turning into a space striking the vehicle. The coach contacted Haverford Township Police to respond to the scene to file an accident report.

Wednesday, March 16th       

6:27 p.m.                   Vehicle Accident                   Walton Road

A Facilities employee reported his involvement in an accident with another employee’s car on Walton Road.  The involved parties requested that Haverford Township Police respond to the incident.

10:14 p.m.                    Suspicious Activity             Tritton Hall

A student reported an odor of marijuana on the second floor of Tritton Hall. Campus Safety detected no odor of marijuana. According to the student, this is an on-going issue.

Thursday, March 17th       

12:17 a.m.                    Personal Illness                 Gummere Hall

Campus safety transported a student to Bryn Mawr Hospital after experiencing an allergic reaction, student returned to campus a brief time later. 

1:37 p.m.                   Theft from Building             James House

A college staff member discovered several items missing from a Facilities storage area in the basement, report filed with Haverford Township Police. 

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