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Campus Safety Brief, 4/8/22 – 4/14/22

Saturday, April 9th    

5:48 a.m. Suspicious Vehicle Visitor’s Lot

Officer observed a maroon minivan in the Visitor’s Lot. The vehicle had the windows covered with solar barrier insulation, and a make-shift bed was in the back of the vehicle. No one was present at the time.

11:47 p.m. Noise Complaint 5 College Circle

A student was transported to Lankenau Hospital by ambulance after experiencing a medical issue in the Fitness Center.

Sunday, April 10th      

12:02 a.m.                         Noise Complaint 42 Hannum Drive

A report was received from a college neighbor of loud music and noise coming from the basement of HCA 42. The police had also been called. Haverford Township Police along with Campus Safety arrived on scene. The party was shut down but students moved to HCA 22.

12:27 a.m. Noise Complaint 22 Hannum Drive

A resident of Haverford Village Apartments complained of loud noise and music coming from HCA 22. Officers advised DJ to turn down music and he complied.

12:41 a.m.                         Noise Complaint 5 College Circle

Haverford Township Police called and stated that they had received complaints of loud noise coming from 5 College Circle. Campus Safety and police arrived on scene and advised the DJ to turn down the music; he complied.

1:16 a.m.                         Noise Complaint 5 College Circle

A resident of College Circle called to complain of noise at 5 College Circle. The caller was advised that it was a sanctioned event scheduled to end at 2am.

1:51 a.m.                         Noise Complaint 5 College Circle A resident on College Circle complained of the bass being too loud at 5 College Circle. The resident was advised that the sanctioned event will be ending promptly at 2am.

2:17 a.m.                         Vandalism Lloyd Green

One of the walls in the Lloyd tent was completely torn to shreds. There had been an event held at that location earlier.

Monday, April 11th     

10:00 a.m. Unauthorized Use GIAC

A report was received of unauthorized persons on the basketball court in the GIAC. Officers asked the group to leave and they complied.

7:30 p.m. Personal Illness Walton Field

The athletic trainer at the track called the office to request an ambulance for a student. A call was placed to 911 and an ambulance was sent to the track. Campus Safety officers were also dispatched to the scene to assist. The student was taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital. Dean on-call and Health Services were notified.

Wednesday, April 13th        

8:31 p.m.                         Noise Complaint Swan Field

A resident on College Ave. called to complain of loud music at Swan Field from the sports games. Campus Safety officers informed the sports information director about the complaint.

Thursday, April 14th        

12:21 p.m.                         Personal Illness Union Hall

An Ambulance responded to Union Hall for an ill student. The student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital.

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