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Campus Safety Brief, 2/4/22 – 2/10/22

Friday, February 4th  

8:33 a.m.                         Personal Injury                         KINSC

A student suffered a leg injury while working out in Gooding Arena. The student was transported to Health Services by Campus Safety.

Saturday, February 5th    

7:24 p.m.                         Suspicious Person                         10 Hannum Drive

A caller who did not wish to be identified, stated that there was a suspicious woman in front of 10 Hannum Drive.  Officers located the women at the entrance of the small parking lot near 10 Hannum Drive. Officers reported that the woman was lost and she was looking for directions to a senior Citizen’s Center near Elwell Field. She was provided with directions and exited the campus without incident.

11:35 p.m.                       Noise Complaint                         800 Ardmore Ave

A report was received of an ill student due to alcohol consumption in Gummere Hall. The student was checked by the on-call EMT and was permitted to remain on campus. 

Monday, February 7th     

8:32 a.m.                         Personal Injury                         Coursey Road

A student fell due to icy conditions in front of the Campus Center. The student was transported to Health Services by Campus Safety and Grounds was notified regarding the ice. 

Tuesday, February 8th     

7:55 p.m.                         Vehicle Accident                         Carter Road

A student called reporting that a car hit a tree at Carter & Harris Roads. Campus Safety responded and reported the air bags in the vehicle deployed. Operator declined emergency services. Haverford Police was summoned for a police report. A tow company was notified and the vehicle was removed from campus.

Wednesday, February 9th     

12:13 p.m.                        Property Damage                       8 College Lane

An off campus resident reported loud music coming from Swan field. There was a scheduled lacrosse scrimmage from 1630-2000 hours. 

9:02 p.m.                         Animal Complaint                         35 Hannum Drive

A student reported that a mouse ran between the pilot lights on her stove at 35 Hannum Drive. Officer reported the mouse was removed from stove.

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