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Security Summary 1/19 – 1/25

Wednesday, January 24th

11:16 a.m.                              Suspicious Person                             Campus Center

A staff member reported a female in the Coop was making people feel uncomfortable.

Campus Safety identified the female and she was asked to leave upon finishing her meal.


3:45 p.m.                               Assist Police                                        Front Gate

Lower Merion Police reported that they had received a 911 hang-up call coming from the front gate. The police were informed that the phone lines were malfunctioning. The area was checked as a precaution.


3:52 p.m.                               Suspicious Person                              Lloyd Lot

A staff member reported a male who had made her feel uncomfortable while she was walking through the Lloyd Lot. The area was checked, but the male was not located.


10:39 p.m.                             Theft-Unfounded                               Founders Hall

A staff member reported the theft of a piece of equipment from her desk in the temporary library located in the Great Hall.  It was later discovered that the equipment had been borrowed by another staff member.



Thursday, January 25th

10:23 a.m.                              Suspicious Person                             VCAM

A staff member reported an older male who appeared to be checking out students’ bikes in the area of Hall Drive and the VCAM Building. The male had left the area upon the arrival of officers.


12:45 a.m.                             Noise Complaint                                11 Hannum Drive

A student reported loud noise coming from the second floor of HCA 11. Students in the area were advised.

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