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Security Summary 11/2 – 11/8

Saturday, November 3rd

12:36 a.m.                              Burglary                                            Gummere Hall

A student in Gummere reported that he left his room unlocked at 7:00 p.m., and when he
returned at 12:30 a.m. his belongings were strewn across the room, and at least 100
dollars were missing. The student declined to file a report with police at the time.


Sunday, November 4th

1:33 a.m.                                Noise Complaint                              Jones Hall

A student stated that there was a lot of noise on the third floor of Jones Hall. Students in
the area were notified of the complaint.


7:53 p.m.                                Suspicious Noise                              710 College Ave.

A student reported a loud boom outside 710 College Avenue. Officer on patrol also
heard the noise which came from off campus. It was later determined that the noise was
caused by a house explosion in Lower Merion Township.


Tuesday, November 6th

2:12 a.m.                                Notification                                         Hannum Drive

Haverford Township Police were in the area around HCA investigating reports of a
possible gas leak. Light smell of natural gas coming from an off-campus location. PECO
was notified.


1:32 p.m.                                Vandalism                                            Stokes Hall

Graffiti was discovered in the first floor restroom of Stokes Hall. The graffiti was
removed by Housekeeping staff.


Wednesday, November 7th

12:32 p.m.                              Animal Matter                              35 Hannum Drive

A report was received of dog running loose near 35 Hannum Drive. A concerned citizen
took the dog to Ardmore Animal Hospital.


4:15 p.m.                                Bicycle Theft                                710 College Ave.

A student reported the theft of his bike from the front porch of 710 College Ave.
Haverford Township Police responded for a report.


Thursday, November 8th

7:27 p.m.                                Animal Matter                                     Carter Road

A student reported an injured squirrel on the path from the North Dorms to Yarnall. The
animal was located off campus. Students were referred to an animal rescue organization.

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