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Security Summary 1/10-1/16

Friday, January 10th

12:10 p.m. Suspicious Activity Hannum Drive

A resident on Hannum Drive reported a red Ford Explorer was parked in front of HCA 11 with several people inside. The people inside the vehicle were identified as part of the cleaning crew assigned to clean the buildings at HCA.

Monday, January 13th

1:58 p.m. Fire Alarm 11 Hannum Drive

An alarm activation was caused by burnt food. The area was ventilated and the system was reset.

Tuesday, January 14th

4:19 p.m. Intrusion Alarm Morris Infirmary

The intrusion alarm was received for the infirmary. Responding officers reported that a staff member was on location.

Wednesday, January 15th

10:53 a.m. Vehicle Towed Visitor’s Lot

An unregistered vehicle with several outstanding parking violations was towed from the Visitor’s Lot. The owner (a student) was notified.

Thursday, January 16th

2:23 p.m. Suspicious Activity 19 Hannum Drive

A Facilities supervisor reported that someone had set up a BB gun shooting range in the basement of HCA 19. The “range” was dismantled and the area was cleaned of broken glass, tin cans and several steel BB pellets by Facilities.

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