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Security Summary 10/19 – 10/25

Friday, October 19th

10:11 a.m.                            Personal Illness                                Lloyd Hall

A student in Lloyd Hall lost consciousness and fell, injuring her head. The student was
transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance. The Dean’s Office was notified.


3:39 p.m.                            Personal Injury                                  Cope Field

A student athlete was transported to urgent care by athletic staff for a laceration on his
left hand. He suffered the injury during a Cricket match.


Sunday, October 21st

3:35 a.m.                              Alcohol Related Injury                   Comfort Hall

A report was received of a female student was lying on the floor in a bathroom in
Comfort Hall. The student had suffered a possible head injury (alcohol related). The
student was transported to Lankenau Hospital by ambulance. The injured student is from
Bryn Mawr College; Bryn Mawr Campus Safety notified.


5:27 p.m.                              Safety Hazard                                    Carter Road

The Blue Bus driver reported an ongoing issue with cars going the wrong way on Carter
Road. Information given to sergeant on duty who was covering that zone.


Monday, October 22nd

5:34 p.m.                              Animal Complaint                            Jones Hall

A student reported a squirrel in Jones Hall. Campus Safety was able to remove the


Tuesday, October 23rd

7:49 a.m.                              Animal Complaint                           Merion Field

A report was received of a raccoon staggering and appearing disoriented on Merion Field.
The Lower Merion Game Warden responded and removed the animal.


8:41 a.m.                              Property Damage                             Harris Road

Damage to a parking sign was discovered on Harris Road near Jones Hall. It is unknown
as to when or how the damage occurred.


9:22 a.m.                              Power Failure                                    College Lane

A report was received of a power failure affecting College Lane, College Circle, and
other areas off-campus in the Ardmore area. The outage lasted for approximately an hour.

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