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Campus Safety Brief, 5/7/21 – 5/13/21

Saturday, May 8th

12:36 a.m.                         Alcohol Related Illness 42 Hannum Drive

A caller reported that a student was in need of medical assistance due to alcohol consumption at HCA 42. Officers and the on call EMT responded. The student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance.  The student was discharged at 0619 and transported back to campus by Campus Safety.

9:58 p.m.                         Noise Complaint HCA

A complaint was received from an off campus local resident of loud noise coming from the HCA pavilion.  A group of students was in the tent playing music, singing and dancing.  The students were advised of the complaint and lowered the music volume.

11:55 p.m.                         Alcohol Related Illness Gummere Hall

A report was received of a visitor in Gummere who was ill due to alcohol consumption.  The visitor was conscious but vomiting and unable to stand. The on call EMT requested an ambulance and the visitor was transported to the Bryn Mawr Hospital. Dean-on-call notified.

Sunday, May 9th

12:55 a.m.                         Alcohol Related Illness Gummere Hall

While responding to another call in Gummere, officer discovered a student who could not walk due to alcohol consumption. The on call EMT checked the student and cleared him to remain on campus. 

2:10 a.m.                         Vandalism Barclay Hall

A report was received of a broken window located in a stairwell at Barclay Hall.  It appeared as though someone had dislodged the window from its frame and pulled it to the floor, leaving a large amount of broken glass in the area. The area was taped off and a message was left for the on call Facilities person.

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