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Campus Safety Brief, 4/9/21 – 4/15/21

Friday, April 9th

10:50 p.m.                         Noise Complaint 42 Hannum Drive

A County Line Rd resident complained of loud music coming from somewhere on campus. Officer reported a gathering of nine students celebrating a birthday behind 42 Hannum Drive. They were asked to lower the volume.

Saturday, April 10th

6:07 a.m.                         Trespass Visitor’s Lot

Campus Safety found a male sleeping in Trailer 2A in the Visitor’s Lot. Haverford Township Police notified and responded at 0614. Haverford Police arrested the male and charged him with trespass.

8:02 a.m.                         Medical Transport Gummere Hall

A student was transported by ambulance from Gummere Hall to Bryn Mawr Hospital. The Dean on Call was notified.

6:16 p.m.                         COVID Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

A complaint was received of a large group of students outside of 19 HCA, not distanced and not wearing masks. Officers spoke with the group, advising them of the complaint.  The group was playing table games and they agreed to spread themselves out.  The students were masked. Music was lowered.

7:15 p.m.                         COVID Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

An anonymous student reported a large gathering in front of HCA 19. It was reported that students were not properly wearing their masks and not social distancing. The responding officer stated that there were three different groups of 8-10 students.  They were separated and masked.

9:18 p.m.                         COVID Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

A report was received of a large gathering in front of 19 Hannum Drive. Campus Safety supervisor instructed the students to keep the noise down and to spread out.  This was the third call and the students were advised that they would have to disperse if another call was received.

10:13 p.m.                         COVID Complaint Lloyd Hall

A report was received of a group in front of Lloyd Hall not wearing masks and not social distancing.  Upon response, the students were found to be masked.  They were instructed to spread out.

11:11 p.m.                         COVID Complaint Lloyd Hall

Quaker Bouncers reported that they were trying to separate a group at Lloyd Green, but were being ignored.  Campus Safety responded and found a group of 150-200 students in the area. The students ignored requests from Campus Safety to leave the area.  The group was eventually broken up after approximately an hour.  A separate group in front of Lloyd section 9 was also broken up because they were in the same area. The section 9 group was following COVID protocols.

11:22 p.m.                         COVID Complaint Founders Hall

A student reported a group of students not socially distancing in front of Founders. Nobody found at that location upon arrival.

Sunday, April 11th

12:01 a.m.                         COVID Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

A student called to report group of students entering HCA 19 basement with their masks around their chins. The students were located and reminded to properly wear masks and socially distance.

1:58 a.m.                         Noise Complaint HCA Complex

A resident of nearby apartments called to complain of noise coming from somewhere in the HCA area. Officers were unable to locate any noise coming from HCA. A group was found in the second floor of Kim Hall playing loud music that possibly echoed across campus. Students lowered the music when informed of complaint.

7:03 p.m.                         Trespass Lloyd Hall

A student reported an unknown person entered her unlocked dorm room in Lloyd Hall while she was sleeping and urinated in her dresser drawer. The student believed that the individual may have been sleep walking or highly intoxicated.  The student declined to file a police report.

Monday, April 12th

11:51 a.m.                         Medical Transport Health Services

Student was transported by Narberth Ambulance to Bryn Mawr Hospital at the request of Health Services.

Tuesday, April 13th

9:04 p.m.                         Suspicious Person Walton Road

An unidentified male was attempting to exit the campus with his vehicle through the Walton gate while buses were entering campus. The Main Line Security officer refused to allow the male to exit the campus through the back gate. The male became angry and began to yell profanity and racial comments to officer.

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