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Campus Safety Brief, 4/2/21 – 4/8/21

Saturday, April 3rd

2:23 a.m.                         Noise Complaint Gummere Hall

A complaint was received of loud noise and unmasked students in Gummere basement. When officers arrived, they found about 20 students in the basement. When advised of complaint they ended their party and dispersed. Students were wearing masks at time of officers’ arrival.

10:19 p.m.                         Noise Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

Officer reported a gathering of students in the basement of 19 Hannum Drive playing loud music.  Officer told the students to turn down the music.  The students complied. They were masked, but not distanced. They were instructed to distance.  A check later found that the students had left the area.

10:35 p.m.                         Noise Complaint Leeds Green

Officer on patrol found very loud music coming from Leeds Green.  The small group turned down the music upon request.

11:15 p.m.                         COVID Complaint Lloyd Green

A student reported a large gathering at Lloyd Green of 50-75 students not social distancing. Campus Safety Officers responded and Quaker Bounces arrived later. The group was dispersed.  A second complaint was received at 12:58am. The group was again broken up. 

11:33 p.m.                         COVID Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

A student reported a large gathering HCA 19 2nd floor, and reported that people were not wearing masks. Campus Safety officers responded and found small gathering of seven on the second floor. Students that were not drinking were wearing masks; students that were drinking had mask readily available. The nonresidents left the apartment. A second complaint was received at 1:01am. Call unfounded.

Sunday, April 4th

4:00 a.m.                         Maintenance Matter INSC

Officer reported water gushing from a steam vent and from a pipe in the INSC. Facilities was contacted and was able to get the problem resolved for the time. 

Monday, April 5th

11:27 a.m.                         Unauthorized Use College Lane

Main Line Security notified Campus Safety of three cars driving along College Lane and heading towards the GIAC.  Cars were located and advised that the campus was closed.  One individual associated with the three cars was located in the Gooding Arena. Individual was advised that the campus was closed and left without incident.  Total: 7 people.

7:29 p.m.                         Unauthorized Use College Lane

A student reported a couple walking a dog in the area of Lloyd Hall.  Couple was middle aged, unmasked and the dog was unleashed.  Campus Safety checked the area and north end of campus. The couple was not located.

Wednesday, April 7th

8:30 p.m.                         Medical Transport Barclay Hall

A student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by Campus Safety after speaking with the after-hours health service.  Dean on call notified.

Thursday, April 8th

1:32 p.m.                         Unauthorized Use GIAC

An athletics coach notified a Campus Safety Officer of two males not affiliated with the college on college property and not wearing masks.  Officer located both individuals and advised them to leave. Individuals complied.

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