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Campus Safety Brief, 3/19/21 – 3/25/21

Friday, March 19th

10:00 a.m.                         Safety Hazard 15 Hannum Drive

A report was received of an odor of gas outside of HCA 15. Facilities and Campus Safety checked the area with negative results.

3:00 p.m.                         Notification-Test Campus Wide

A test was conducted of the Haverford College emergency notification system without issue.

Saturday, March 20th

11:57 p.m.                         Noise Complaint 19 Hannum Drive

A report was received of loud music and loud voices coming from HCA 19. Officer responded but did not find any disturbance.

Sunday, March 21st

12:17 a.m.                         Large Gathering Tritton Hall

Campus Safety found approximately 50 students in the Tritton Hall south common room. Most students fled upon officers’ arrival. Most attendees were seen wearing masks, but not distancing.

1:04 a.m.                         COVID Complaint Lloyd Green

A report was received of a gathering of more than 10 people on Lloyd Green. The caller stated that the group was noisy and not social distancing. When officers arrived, the students were broken up into small groups and agreed to keep the noise down.

7:35 a.m.                         Unauthorized Use Visitor’s Lot

When checking the trailers in the Visitor’s Lot, it was discovered that trailer 4B had been entered by unknown person. At 0850hrs, the Facilities on call person was able to secure the trailer door.

Monday, March 22nd

1:50 a.m.                         Suspicious Activity Woodside Cottage

Officer observed a small gathering in the rear of Woodside Cottage. Upon investigation, it was learned that they were students of Haverford and were meeting in the circle area as a part of an annual tradition. All were distancing and masks worn.

Tuesday, March 23rd

2:14 p.m.                         Bicycle Theft 34 Hannum Drive

A student reported theft of their bicycle from the bicycle shed outside of 34 HCA. They last saw the bicycle several weeks ago and could not be more specific. A police report was refused.

6:55 p.m.                         Vehicle Accident College Ave

A vehicle traveling on Haverford Ave. made a wide turn onto College Ave., jumped the curb and came to a stop in the grass on college property at College and Haverford Aves.  Haverford Township Police responded and handled the incident.  No damage to college property.  The vehicle had damage; there were no injuries reported.  

Wednesday, March 24th

12:21 a.m.                         Personal Injury Hannum Drive

A student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by Campus Safety with a minor injury. 

Friday, March 26th

12:11 a.m.                         Alarm Activation Barclay Hall

A fire alarm activation was received for Barclay Hall. Upon response, it was discovered that there was hot water coming from a broken pipe in the south end of the basement, which was creating a lot of steam. Facilities was contacted and responded to Barclay. The heat and water were turned off to the building. Students were temporarily relocated by Housing while repairs were made.

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