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Campus Safety Brief, 2/5/21 – 2/11/21

Friday, February 5th

12:30 p.m.                              Personal Illness                                 Lloyd Hall

A student’s father called Campus Safety and stated his daughter was having an allergic reaction.  Officers responded to Lloyd. The student appeared to be fine after taken medication for the allergic reaction. Dean on call notified, email sent to Health Services.

12:24 a.m.                              Unauthorized Use                             HCA

A report was received of two students attempting to enter buildings at HCA without authorization.  The students’ “One Card” rejected their entry. They stated they stayed in the buildings during previous years and wanted to visit. 

Sunday, February 7th

12:58 a.m.                              Alcohol Related Illness                     Gummere Hall

Campus Safety received a call for a student at Gummere who was ill due to the consumption of alcohol. She was unable to breathe properly. Officers responded to the location and requested an ambulance. Narberth EMS transported the student to Bryn Mawr Hospital for treatment. The Dean on Call was notified.

Wednesday, February 10th

10:50 p.m.                              Notification                                        Barclay Hall

The Dean on Call reported she received information that offensive posters had been placed in the hallways of Barclay Hall.  The dean requested the posters be removed by Campus Safety.

Thursday, February 11th

1:37 a.m.                                Noise Complaint                               Tritton Hall

A student complained of loud music coming from the lower courtyard of Tritton Hall. The caller stated that while the eight individuals were masked, they were not social distancing. Officers advised them to turn down music and to social distance.

11:30 p.m.                              Noise Complaint                               Gummere Hall

A student called to complain of loud music coming from a gathering in Gummere Hall. Students found playing music and left area when informed of the complaint. 

2:03 a.m.(Friday)                             CO2 Alarm                             34 Hannum Drive

The fire department was called for a carbon monoxide alarm in HCA 34. Students evacuated and relocated. The on-call Facilities called for malfunctioning heaters in HCA 34. The heaters are being replaced.

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