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Campus Safety Brief, 2/19/21 – 2/25/21

Friday, February 19th

9:10 p.m.                                Notification                                        Barclay Hall

A request was received to check on students, who were in the common room of Barclay, to make sure that they were social distancing.  Officer responded and verified that the students (6) were distanced and masked.  Music turned down.

Saturday, February 20th

1:01 a.m.                                Noise Complaint                               10 Hannum Drive

An anonymous noise complaint was received concerning loud music coming from 10 Hannum Drive.  The occupants of an apartment in the building were advised to turn down the music and complied.

10:50 p.m.                              Maintenance Matter                         Lloyd Hall

A report was received that the lights were out in the Lloyd Fest tent.  Facilities was notified and the lights was restored.  

Tuesday, February 23rd

10:46 a.m.                              Property Damage                              GIAC

A report was received of damage to a Facilities vehicle.  A member of the Grounds Department accidentally backed into a retaining wall located in the GIAC driveway causing minor damage. Late reported; incident occurred on 02/22/2021.

Wednesday, February 24th

12:01 a.m.                              Safety Hazard                                   Ira Reid

Someone called to report the walkway near Ira Reid and the Coop was extremely icy. Campus Safety Officers used available salt on the icy path.

12:18 a.m.                              Safety Hazard                                   Barclay Hall

A student called to complain about smoke coming through vents, the odor was creating a health issue. Officers located students smoking in a nearby dorm room. Students were asked not to smoke in their room and complied.

4:53 p.m.                               Bicycle Theft                                      42 Hannum Drive

A student reported the theft of his bike which occurred sometime over the past few days. The bike was stolen from the bike rack in front of 42 Hannum Drive. The student declined to file a police report.

6:39 p.m.                                Unauthorized Use                             Duck Pond

Officer reported a group of people from off campus filming a video on Duck Pond Lane. Officer advised the group that they must exit the campus. Group exited the area without incident.

Thursday, February 25th

7:46 p.m.                                Bicycle Theft                                     42 Hannum Drive

A student reported the theft of his bicycle from the bike shed behind 42 Hannum Drive.  Theft occurred within the past week.  Haverford Township Police responded for a report.

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