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Campus Safety Brief, 1/22/22 – 1/29/22

Friday, January 21st 

9:57 p.m. Parking Complaint County Line Road

A complaint was received of vehicles parking in the driveway of the HCA Garages. The owners were attending a party off campus and were not affiliated with the college.  The vehicles were moved upon request.

Sunday, January 22nd    

8:47 p.m.                         Safety Hazard Tritton Hall

A student reported the odor of natural gas on the first floor of Tritton Hall.  Campus Safety was unable to detect an odor and a check with the gas sniffer was negative.  Facilities On Call was notified as a precaution.  A facilities employee checked the building and no odor was detected.

10:41 p.m. Personal Illness Gummere Hall

A student was transported from Gummere Hall to Bryn Mawr Hospital due to a possible allergic reaction.  An email was sent to the Dean On Call and Health Services. The student returned to campus at 3:15 a.m.  

Monday, January 24th    

9:25 p.m.                         Trouble Alarm Barclay Hall

Fire alarm trouble indications were received for Barclay Hall. Officers found two basement detectors covered, one with painter’s tape and one with a plastic bag. The tape and bag were removed. The system was restored.

Tuesday, January 25th   

10:54 p.m. Safety Hazard 15 Hannum Drive

A Facilities manager contacted Campus Safety and reported a student submitted a “School Dude” for an odor of natural gas in a first floor kitchen at 15 Hannum Dr.  Officers responded and also detected an odor. PECO and the Facilities on-call person responded and were able to shut off the gas line to an oven until proper repairs could be made.

Wednesday, January 26th    

7:22 p.m.                         Check Well Being Barclay Hall

An anonymous off campus caller reported a student harming themselves in a stairwell at Barclay Hall. Campus Safety checked did not find the student in a stairwell.  Campus Safety spoke with the student at their dorm room and the student stated that they were ok and that the calls were not true.  Student did not appear in any distress. This is the fourth such call received by Campus Safety.

Thursday, January 27th   

9:45 a.m.                         Personal Injury 804 Ardmore Ave

A student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by Campus Safety with a deep laceration to her arm.

12:47 p.m.                       Theft Dining Center

A student reported a theft of $30 from her book bag, possibly the Dining Center. The theft occurred sometime between 01-24-22 and 01-26-2022. Report filed.

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