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BiCo Thefts Prompt Campus Wide Warning

Two attempted thefts were reported at Haverford and Bryn Mawr, respectively, on Thursday, March 26. While these incidents are not believed to be connected, the theft at Haverford may be related to other thefts that have occurred on campus in the past few weeks.     

According to a campus-wide email sent by Campus Safety Director Tom King this morning, “several students observed a suspicious person in Jones Hall” a little after 9am.  When Campus Safety arrived at the scene and confronted the male, the suspect “fled in the direction of the South Lot, throwing cash and a backpack onto the ground along the way.”

The individual was detained until Haverford Township Police came and arrested the subject.

In the late afternoon, Tom King sent another campus-wide email notifying students of a woman who was apprehended while leaving Bryn Mawr’s campus around 4pm.  The individual was carrying “a bag full of electronics (laptops, iPads, iPods, phones), IDs, passports, etc.” that had been taken from dorm rooms on campus. This suspect was also arrested.

The individual arrested on Haverford’s campus is also being investigated for the thefts that occurred in Gummere last week.

The first two of these thefts were reported on Wednesday, March 11.  One student reported that his wallet, cash and cell phone were taken from his room sometime earlier that morning, while the other student reported that missing items were stolen from her unlocked room while she was away for Spring Break.

On Sunday, March 15 at 2:26 pm, another student reported that her wallet was stolen from her room in Gummere.

Students and faculty are reminded to “keep your dorm rooms and offices locked, even when leaving for brief amounts of time.”





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