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8/30/19-9/5/19 Campus Safety Brief

Friday, August 30th

6:04 p.m.                                Prohibited Activity                           Drinker

A community member reported several students consuming alcohol outside of Drinker House. Students in the area were reminded of “Dry Week” and went back into Drinker.

Saturday, August 31st

12:23 a.m.                              Vandalism                                         Founders

A Facilities employee reported damage to a gutter drain between Founders and the library. The damage is believed to have occurred overnight. 

Sunday, September 1st

7:20 p.m.                                Prohibited Activity                           Drinker

A student reported students drinking outside of Drinker during “Dry Week”.  They dispersed upon arrival of Campus Safety.

Monday, September 2nd

11:06 p.m.                             Noise Complaint                              Kim Hall 

A student reported hearing loud noises thru her first floor window from a party outside of Kim Hall. Party attendees left the area upon officers’ arrival.

Wednesday, September 4th

12:42 p.m.                                Fraud                                      Stokes-Business Office

An employee from the Business Office reported that someone had fraudulently cashed two checks drawn on a Haverford College Account. Haverford College Police responded for a report.

Thursday, September 5th

12:06 p.m.                                  Disturbance                                 Campus Center Coop

A report was received of a disturbance at the Coop patio involving two individuals from Carousel Connections. The parties were separated and the matter is being handled by Carousel.

10:09 p.m.                              Bicycle Theft                                    Gummere Hall

Student reported the theft of his locked bicycle from the bike shed at Gummere Hall.  Haverford Police took a theft report.

2:10 a.m.                                Alcohol Related Illness                    Barclay Hall

A report was received of a student experiencing an alcohol related illness after attending the Lloyd “Around the World” party.  The student was permitted to remain on campus.

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