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4/12/19 – 4/18/19 Campus Safety Brief

Saturday, April 13th

12:50 p.m.                              Theft                                                  Roberts Hall

A student’s back pack went missing from a stairwell in the Marshall Auditorium. The backpack contained a MacBook Pro laptop computer valued at $1000.  A police report was filed; the laptop was recovered by police in Ardmore and an arrest was made.

4:21 p.m.                                Personal Injury                                 Baseball Field

A staff member reported that a John Hopkins baseball player cut his lip while playing in a game against Haverford. Staff member requested that Campus Safety transport the player from the baseball field to the Facilities parking lot to meet his parents. Parents drove the Johns Hopkins student to the hospital.

7:05 p.m.                                Vandalism                                         INSC

An unknown person activated the second floor east wing bathroom eye wash station. Officer shut off the water and reported that the water leaked into the 1stfloor east wing bathroom. There was nobody found in the area when the incident occurred. Housekeeping was notified of the incident.

Sunday, April 14th

12:02 a.m.                              Noise Complaint                              19 Hannum Drive

A noise complaint was received for HCA 19. Attendees of a small party agreed to lower the noise. EMT advised at 0011 that Haverford Police were responding to HCA 19 for a male screaming. Party was shut down by Campus Safety. The individual who allegedly was screaming in the back of 19 was gone on arrival. Police advised that an arrest would be made for further noise complaints from campus.

1:35 a.m.                                Fire Hazard                                       42 Hannum Drive 

An anonymous caller reported that a male was using the grill and the fire appeared to be getting out of control. Officers identified the male and the fire was extinguished. Material in the fire was a large book. 

Monday, April 15th

11:01 a.m.                              Suspicious Activity                            Lloyd Lot

Two juveniles were observed in the Lloyd Lot trying car door handles.  They were later stopped by Campus Safety in the Visitor’s Lot and taken into custody by police>

Thursday, April 18th

11:09 a.m.                              Personal Illness                                 Stokes Hall

A report was received of an ill Bryn Mawr Student in Stokes Hall. The student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance.

5:43 p.m.                                Theft                                                  GIAC

A student reported the theft of her iPhone from the GIAC first floor women’s locker room. Haverford Township Police responded for a report.

11:51 p.m.                              Maintenance Matter                                    Gummere Hall

A student reported a toilet overflowing in a restroom near Gummere 111. Officer sent to location and reported toilets and shower drains were backing up, and there was a leak in the basement. Facilities on Call contacted; responded early the following morning.

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