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10/25/19-10/31/19 Campus Safety Summary

Saturday, October 26th

8:50 a.m.                                Vehicle Accident                               Walton Road

A vehicle struck a pole on Walton Road, shattering a rear window. No damage to the pole. Police responded for a report.

1:39 p.m.                                Personal Illness                                Lutnick Library

A female fainted inside the Lutnick Library. Campus Safety and doctors attending an event at the library assisted the female. No other medical attention required.

11:49 p.m.                              Noise Complaint                              50 Hannum Drive

A neighbor of the college made a noise complaint for a party in and around HCA 50. Upon notification of the complaint, students shut their party down.

Tuesday, October 29th

10:23 a.m.                              Vehicle Accident                               Walton Road

The owner of a gray Lexus SUV notified Campus Safety that he was involved in a vehicle accident off campus on College Ave. The owner was able to drive the vehicle onto campus and onto Walton Road. Owner called AAA to have the vehicle towed.

Wednesday, October 30th

4:20 p.m.                                Attempted Theft                               Gummere Hall

A student walked into the Campus Safety Office to report that someone attempted to steal her bike from the bike shed at Gummere Hall. It appeared that someone had attempted to cut the cable lock that was securing the bike to the bike rack. The incident occurred sometime since the end of September and today, 10/30/19.

10:30 p.m.                              Check on Well Being                                   Walton Road

A student reported an older male was lying on the ground behind a parked car with his pants down at the corner of Walton and Carter Rds. The individual had fallen; Campus Safety and Facilities employees assisted him.

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