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Yarn bombing hits campus

On Friday morning, knit accessories appeared in 8 different spots campus, mostly in front of Founders.

The work is an example of yarn bombing, a style of non-destructive street art that involves attaching knit materials to objects outdoors. Unnamed knitters stitched pieces around  stair rails, lamp posts and even a rocking chair on the porch of Founders.

Since the idea first began around 2005, it has spread around the world. One yarn bomber, Olek, has even been flown around the world and invited to work on projects from Miami to London. Philadelphia’s best-known yarn bomber is Ishknits, who worked with the Mural Arts Program in 2011.

So far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the yarn bombing.

Photos by Michael Rushmore

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  1. Taha Ahsin May 19, 2012

    oh the humanity

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