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This week in politics

Compiled by Ryan Baxter-King

Obama stops the bleeding in second debate:

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney debated for a second time, in a town hall format at Hofstra University in New York. In what George Will called “immeasurably the best” debate he had ever seen, both candidates gave spirited performances (unlike in the first debate), but the general consensus was that Obama came out on top.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews rejoice that the president showed up awake and call a win for Obama.

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly says Obama “helped his cause,” while Romney “held his own.”

READ: Peggy Noonan calls Obama’s performance “stunningly good,” but says he lost the postdebate.

Twitter goes berserk over Obama’s comment on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart: “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal”:

On Thursday, Obama sat down with Jon Stewart, and caused a stir with a poorly-phrased comment on the recent attack on the embassy in Benghazi.

WATCH: The president’s full appearance on The Daily Show

READ: New York Daily News reports on the response to Obama’s comment

Romney and Obama attend charity dinner:

On Thursday, the two candidates put on white bow ties and took off their boxing gloves for the 67th annual Al Smith charity dinner, where they poked gentle fun at each other and themselves.

WATCH: Highlights from both speakers

WATCH: All of the president’s remarks

WATCH: All of the governor’s remarks

Obama borrows term “Romnesia” from Twitter and liberal blogs:

On Friday, channeling comedian Jeff Foworthy, Obama launched a new variation on the old theme that Romney is a flip-flopper.

WATCH: Obama’s remarks

READ: Politico explains the origin of the term “Romnesia.”



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