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Students’ Council Minutes 3/3/24

Attendance: Irene, Ben, Jesse, Tim, Yasmin, Kelly, Vy, Grant, Jorge, Maria, Julie, Claire, Emma, Stefan

1. Check-Ins
2. Plenary


Jorge: We have no agenda for this meeting. We will check-in, and then discuss plenary and emergency plenary.

Maria: Let’s start with check-ins. 

Grant: My other half isn’t here. We have no updates. 

Vy: I have no officer updates.

Irene: I have been working on BIPOC Joy. 

Kelly: SECS is on EMS, and people have been putting in requests. There will be an email after spring break listing our March events. Our events have been getting a really good turnout.

Stefan: For updates I attended ExecBoard to give updates about the strike remembrance exhibit. I am going to send out an email to juniors to encourage more engagement in Emergency Plenary. 

Thea: We worked on updating the dining center bulletin board with the VP’s.

Tim: Updates are the same as last week, I am working on the Q1 budget things.

Jesse: Kabir, Ben, and I attended FAPC last Monday. 

Ben: I also attended the FAPC meeting. I sent an email to the class of 2026 reminding them to vote.

Yasmin: For our position updates, we have some cute slides. We are making a more orderly process of posting stuff on the insta. We made a post submissions form so if you would like to have something posted on the StuCo insta, you can submit your post with at least a two-day notice through a google form. We were exploring the idea of opening to form to the community as opposed to just StuCo members. In terms of special programming we can have on our insta, one could be club/campus organization of the month. We can make a special post about them. We can also do takeovers, we have been doing that with ALAS. One person would do a takeover a week.

Claire: We updated the website with emails and photos. After break we will be sending out a survey about the website. If you have any input on the survey questions that would be helpful. 

Julie: The skate house landscape art competition has officially started. Submissions are due at the end of spring break. I also got Hurford in the loop so it is being advertised through both VCAM and Hurford. I’ve also been working with Irene to figure out artists for BIPOC Joy. Someone reached out to me and wanted to connect something about music and student engagement. I need to figure out what that is about.

Maria: I wanted to touch on a few things. We are going to integrate library check-ins once your workload lessens a little bit. I wanted to hear about the FAPC meeting more.

Ben: The FAPC meeting was with two faculty members. They said it will be a different two members each time. They want as many people as possible to know what students have to say. They are most interested in improving communication and were really glad that Ethan and Sarah talked to them about the honor council resolution.They talked about the general functions of ECC and ESSP and policies and advising. They talked about how a lot of faculty committees in the faculty handbook have a certain number of members but in reality they don’t follow the handbook exactly. They are trying to bring those two things into alignment. Kabir asked if the faculty meetings could have their minutes sent to the StuCo minutes to be read out or to the student body as a whole. They were receptive but uncertain. 

Maria: If not the minutes, even an abstract. Another logistical thing, schedule your check-ins. If you can’t do next week, we can try for after break. 

Jorge: For updates, we have been working on emergency plenary. Right now we need about 180 people to vote to reach quorum. Please tell everyone you know to vote. We’ve been working on planning the emergency plenary town halls. On Friday we were invited to be part of a community builders meeting. It was a really good conversation. There were members from JSU, MSA and Chabad. 

Maria: That was hosted by the president’s office. It was called bridge builders in community builders. The invitation was sent out by President Raymond. It was also very related to the type of dialogue we are trying to create through the town halls. Some of the conversations Jorge has encouraged more participation and engagement at the second town hall. 


Jorge: We made sure everything was ordered for plenary merch.

Maria: We were noticing in the future it is easier when whatever committee you are on, you should place the order directly. Regular plenary is in less than a month.

Jorge: All the orders are placed. Do we have an arrival date?

Julie: I don’t know. 

Maria: If you could go check with Tina that would be great. Logistics on the van, Matthias is struggling to get certified. Everytime I ask for van stuff, student engagement says it is easy, but it never is. So TBD on the van.

Jorge: We have Emmeline as a backup. We could ask SECS people or honor council people. BLAST cannot come to the webinar rehearsal. We have to figure that out. If BLAST can’t come we can still do a rehearsal.

Maria: We need to check the zooms. 

Kelly: When is the rehearsal?

Jorge: Thursday the 21st from 3-4pm.

Maria: Could we hire quaker bouncers to count for quorum? It would help give us more hands back. They could get paid.

Jorge: We can incorporate that.

Thea: Don’t we have to do the resolution today so the posts can go out tomorrow. 

Julie: Once emergency plenary is over, should we start advertising plenary?

Jorge: Yeah I think we should.

Maria: We can release the theme, make it fun.

Julie: Last time we did a good job having it on people’s minds early. 

Ben: It’s like the hobbits’ second breakfast: second plenary!

Thea: The posts need to be released, so we need to have a sketch of the resolution done.

Grant: When is the deadline for collecting signatures?

Thea: Friday.

Jorge: If the ceasefire resolution does not pass they want to see if they can bring it to regular plenary.

Maria: Let’s not talk about hypotheticals. 

Jorge: For our resolution, the only thing we have missing is the multiculturalism officer and the board of managers rep. He did not do it in the form of a resolution. Kelly added their changes, and the treasurers added their changes.

Thea: Can you remind Sarah and Ethan to send in their post?

Grant: Yes.

Jorge: The last thing I want to talk about is emergency plenary.We realized we have more time. It is 48 hours, then two 24 hour extensions. We have more time, and we have till tomorrow night. We will send an email. We really want to collect the remaining signatures by tonight. We are so close and we want people to vote. If you haven’t voted, please vote. The town hall went well. I’m sorry if you feel we have been neglecting our job as co-presidents. Think about how elections are also coming up soon.

Maria: This meeting is adjourned.

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