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Students’ Council Minutes 3/17/24

Attendance: Jorge, Maria, Thea, Emma, Julie, Emmeline, Grant, Kelly, Irene, Claire, Nicole, Stefan, Julia, Yasmin

1. SEAC Committee
2. International Officer Announcements
3. Spring Plenary Advertisement

SEAC Committee

Jorge: Welcome to our meeting. We will not have an officer check in, except if Julia comes as she has an announcement. 

Maria: We need to explain SEAC.

Jorge: We have the Student Events Accessibility Committee. This is a committee that reached out last week. They came to our office hours and explained that they want StuCo to recognize them as a committee so they can have a better relationship with the admin. This committee is composed of all the co-heads of groups that plan events at Haverford like BLAST, SECS, Quaker Bouncers, and FAB. Grace is in it and there is also a rep from DASH. The committee is well established and worked all of last semester. Something they have been working on is in the EMS reservation asking if masks are required so students know how accessible events are for them. However, they have been struggling to work with admin, as admin recently said that they are not formally a committee as they are not recognized by StuCo. They came to Exec Board and presented the committee and said what they have done, their structure and their mission. It would be great if as a council we could recognize and endorse them.

Grant: I feel like there were a couple things we were still discussing during the end of Exec Board like how this committee would work with the appointments committee process. One other thing, I also wanted to reach out to Scott to discuss further.

Jorge: I think that the committee is really well established and I think we can recognize them as a committee since Grace is a part of it. I do think that the conversation you are bringing up about how we can adopt this committee as part of StuCo should be continued. I do want to vote on recognizing the committee today. I want to endorse and validate that it is a committee. Usually we don’t get this kind of request because committees just emerge. This raises the question of who gets to create a committee. We want to make sure that if this committee is part of StuCo we want to keep in mind the comments Grant was saying.

Maria: And SEAC would go through the regular appointment committee process and we would just make an exception this semester. 

Grant: I feel like this committee has been conflictual with admin, which is understandable. If they are representing StuCo and we are endorsing them, I want to hear more from admin first.

Jorge: As StuCo we don’t want to get into the different dynamics between the committee and admin. That is something they will have to work on themselves. I want to recognize these people have been doing good work, have structure, and these conversations should continue. I don’t want those conversations to stop just because they are not formally a committee. I do want to endorse them. I was doing EMS for Wednesday, and I did see the added question. What you are saying is also key, as we are inviting keely, Scott and Jodi to join us for Exec Board. 

Emma: Do you want us to schedule them to an Exec Board meeting?

Jorge: Yes, top priority. Does everyone understand what is going on? 


Jorge: We will vote Wednesday. Invite Scott, Jodi and keely for this week ideally. We can have a future conversation in the appointments committee about what are the parameters for a committee to form and what are the processes for it to be a part of StuCo. Any other comments? Julia has an announcement.

Julia: On the 28th of March at 6:30pm we are opening the international students lounge in the basement of 22. We will have Golden Bowl and we will do an activity for international students to take ownership of the space. We will have a mural painting event. The walls of the lounge are all white and ready for people to make their mark just as they had done in the international house. We are gonna have paint, brushes, and food. Please everyone come!

Maria: In terms of advertising, feel free to put on the StuCo instagram. 

Julia: For the advertising, maybe just a story as it is more for international students. I already asked Natasha and she is going to send an email right after Spring Break with a poster. I also included some story material for her for the international student support instagram. There is a google form for people to RSVP so if people have dietary restrictions we can accommodate. There is a QR code in the poster and the stories

Jorge: Julia, thank you for everything you have done. That is a big accomplishment. Congrats!

Emma: Also submit to the newsletter for advertising!

Julia: All of you are invited also! It is a StuCo event, all of StuCo can come and have food and fun and see what Scott and Res Life has done. 

Jorge: Julia for spring plenary, would you and Jesse be able to do one of the remote rooms. Think about it, we will talk more Wednesday. 

Julie: I can do sharpless.

Jorge: Today we will talk about advertising and our resolution. Our lovely VP Grant finalized the resolution. Do we have any updates about advertising, Kelly, and Julie?

Kelly: Me and Julie tried over break to reserve tabling and it does not exist. Julie brought the great idea of emailing hc-events so we might go that direction. 

Jorge: You can just go and get the tables from the closet also. 

Kelly: That might be the best move. All of StuCo will have to figure out who can do Wednesday through Friday during dinner so we can advertise. Maybe even Monday and Wednesday through Friday. I don’t think many people know plenary is happening this weekend. 

Emmeline: Kelly were you saying that you could not reserve the tables for tabling?

Kelly: I couldn’t reserve the space event?

Emmeline: I know that you have to reserve it as people have been kicked out. I can ask around. 

Jorge: If you guys have time to check the resolution draft. I think we included all of the things people wanted to add. It’s a pretty short resolution. We now have the appointments committee.

Grant: Just some notes on the resolution draft, the sections highlighted in yellow, some people left notes instead of actual text so I wrote out text for them. If your section is highlighted in yellow can please just look it over.

Thea: Make sure you add to the resolution that the international student rep is a part of the appointments committee. 

Jorge: We need to read it and find little issues like that. We have to add who is part of the budgeting committee. We should be fine and we can vote virtually. Tomorrow we will announce all the forms and send an email about plenary and send forms for community comment and tabling. We need numbers of boba and merch so we can announce how many we have. Julie when you have the chance can you slack me the design of the shirt so we can also send that out. The plenary packet is meant to be sent out Wednesday, right?

Grant: Yes. We also need to collect the 200 signatures.

Jorge: Yes. I know the committee voted to have the ceasefire resolution reintroduced and that the chairs approved it. I need to let the co-signers know and they also have to collect 200 signatures. We need to focus on collecting our 200. On Thursday there is a rehearsal, right? BLAST will not be there. 

Emmeline: Yeah, they cannot make it. I need to get the ethernet cords and give them to someone. 

Maria: I was checking the instagram, I think we should have things posted every day this week about plenary. 

Kelly: I was planning on making posts everyday. Tomorrow I can post about the number of shirts or boba, and Wednesday there can be a post about resolutions. 

Jorge: I think you can also feature the stickers. 

Maria: That sounds good. We really want to put it in people’s minds.

Jorge: I need like four strong individuals from council to go pick up shirts from the office. That can be anytime this week. On Wednesday we will go over all the details on the plenary tasks. We are in good shape. I am worried about the webinar. Hopefully Grace has the link. I reserved the swarthmore room for Wednesday at 6pm for our meeting. 

Yasmin: Not a question, but during break I went to the UAE with the CPGC, and our hosts graduated from Haverford and Bryn Mawr in 2007. They are married and have a family. John is a professor and teaches business and sustainability and is curious about business in conflict areas. They hosted us for dinner at their house and we were talking about Haverford then and now. He was on JSAAP and was one of the two people that invented Quaker Bouncers.  He was there when Claire and I were looking through the files and there was a thing about Iraq and the blank page resolution. He told me the story behind that. 

Jorge: We are reaching out to peer institutions with what happened at Haverford and talking about the resolution. Since one of the value statements was to encourage peer institutions, we will reach out and say what we did. That is one thing we are doing. We also will be reaching out to the local representatives to give them the numbers of the students that voted in favor of the resolution. 

Maria: Another thing, did we ever clear up if we could get more helping hands for plenary, like SECS?

Kelly: I can ask them this Friday. 

Maria: Do you know how many people could help?

Kelly: I would imagine at least five people. 

Maria: Sounds great. 

Jorge: That is all for today. We will be voting virtually for our resolution. We will vote in person for the SEAC. Have a great Sunday, thank you guys! 

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