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Student Council Minutes 3/1/2020

Each week, Students’ Council releases meeting minutes to the Haverford community. The ideas represented in these minutes do not necessarily reflect verified facts, nor do they necessarily capture all of any speaker’s intended point. The original document released by Students’ Council can be found here.

Katie L.: Thanks to everyone who came today. Starting with what’s going on on campus. Yesterday, women’s basketball won the conference championships again this weekend which was a big deal.

Natalia: There was a clothing swap that I really wanted to go to but didn’t get to go.

Noorie: ISC (international students’ center) is opening next week on Wednesday.

Officer Updates

Dex: Only things besides regular meetings is we’re going to try to create a big policy doc which like all the funding policy stuff. To make clear all of the things that SC won’t fund and the difference between RJF and other budgeting. Then I also want to do an inventory of the stuff that all of the clubs have. To make sure that all of the clubs have access.

Noorie: We sent out emails to all of the committees and task forces that we that we appointed people to for check-ins and a lot of people have been signing up a lot quicker than I expected. Today 7-9 slots were full. 

Evan: We are checking in with 6 committee people: Librarian, AACWe can read out the positions, The SC Librarian, AAC, CSSR, Haverfest Committee, Alumni Association Committee and CSSP (Committee on Student Standing). If you want us to ask them about anything, let us know!

Nick: No updates yet.

Brittany: I got a chance to meet with Dean Wilcox because of the coronavirus and other health issues. I think that students should note that the health center has waived all of the fees for students for the rest of the semester so that’s a big deal. Also, Kelly is working on making funds available to visit doctors

If you need Ubers or something to visit the doctor. And you don’t have to be LIFTFAR eligible, to note if you are facing other hardships.

Natalia: SOHO has a meeting this Wednesday talking about our two events this semester. There’s going to be a major declaration celebration and then also one that will celebrate sophomores that are in leadership positions. So we want to figure out what a leadership position looks like, how to get in contact with club leaders. Soho has a lot of funds so we’re also in the process of figuring out what to do with Soho funds. We have more money so we are trying to figure out how to use it.

Emily: The week just wrapped up with the drop in sessions between seniors and Wendy Raymond and people were pretty busy so we’re going to have more during senior week. I’ve been working on an event with Brandon Pita called Undocumented Lingo, to raise awareness about the difficulty to get citizenship in the US. Wil be on March 21st. 

Katie L.: What kind of event is it?

Emily: So basically there is this board game with different situations that people can face. I first encountered this at temple at an inclusive leadership conference in Temple and thought it would be cool to bring it to campus.

Katie L.: From our end, our only updates are pretty much the same from Wendy in terms of all of the resolutions should be approved but still waiting on logistical information on the lighting resolution before covering it. The other end is from the Dean’s office for food for spring break. Tomorrow there should be an email going out about the food. People with LIFTFAR are covered at the coop with a per day stipend. And have already been contacted by people to set that up.

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