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Nice to meet you, Mr. President


Last Monday, students had a chance to meet with President Dan Weiss at “Donuts with Dan,” an hour-long meet-and-greet on Founder’s Green.

Students’ Council is hosting a number of casual events with Weiss this year as part of his strategy to get to know the student body, including a discussion this Thursday, “What does a college president do?” on his long-term vision for the College.

Over the summer, Weiss got to know the College through meetings with staff members, members of the Board and Alumni, and an extensive tour of the campus from the Facilities department.

“I have a fairly aggressive agenda for the first 100 days – it’s a lot of listening, active learning,” said Weiss.

In addition to the informal events, Weiss plans to set aside weekly office hours for students and has already met with a number of individual students, he said.

“Any student can meet with me,” he said. “Just email me.”

Photos by Miji Ryu ’16 for The Clerk.

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