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FAQ about the Clerk

Since we launched two weeks ago, we’ve received some questions about the Clerk that we felt deserved some attention. If you have additional questions that weren’t addressed here, feel free to leave comment on this post or email us at with questions, and we’ll update this post as they come in.

Will you have a print edition?

No. The Clerk will be entirely online.

How often will new articles come out?

New articles will be posted as they are written. We meet every week and strive to post content weekly, but because of the limitations of a small and perpetually busy staff, this isn’t always possible. Especially in this first month, we’re taking some time to train our new staff and edit their work with care. So after our initial launch on April 2nd, our final “publication” for the year will be April 23rd.

Next semester, based on the new staff we’ll reassess what a feasible publication schedule is without losing a commitment to quality.

Who can write for the Clerk

Anybody in the community can. We’re looking for students staff writers, but faculty, staff and administration are welcome to submit content. We reserve the right to edit content to meet our standards before posting. But we’re interested in hearing more diverse voices on issues that affect our community.

Is the Clerk replacing the Bi-Co News?

No. The Bi-College News continues to publish content on their website,

Can I submit content without being a full-time writer?

Yes. If you just want to write a guest editorial or having a burning idea for a story, there’s no need to commit to being a staff writer. You will be expected to keep up with our deadlines, and any content submitted to our site is subject to editing.

Can I write a column?

Yes, but you need to apply. Email for more information.

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