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McGraw leaving Haverford to hit the books

Jason McGraw is leaving his position as Assistant Dean of the College and Director of Student Activities to attend law school at Northeastern University in Boston.

McGraw works intimately with student-run clubs and organizations to help them implement events, fundraise, advertise and organize. He came to Haverford in 2006, after graduating with an MS in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse University.

“Haverford is the ideal place to do work in higher education. We have a student body that is very active, engaged and involved,” said McGraw. “It’s exciting to see students who are into their education and community.”

Interested in the intersection between higher education and the law, McGraw says witnessing how students operate under the Honor Code has taught him that “restorative justice is possible.”

“It’s rewarding, seeing how living under a code helps students make sense of things and what happens when we make a mistake,” said McGraw.

For McGraw, the career shift comes at a natural juncture. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school, McGraw’s partner is headed for Boston Children’s Hospital as a resident physician.

After law school, he wants to do work that “helps underserved populations and serves the greater community.”

He hopes the next director will not only trust in what students are doing on campus, but attend events in person and see what drives student culture. The next director should “challenge and support students, and ask the right questions to help students take what they want and make it better,” said McGraw. “That’s where the real mentoring and advising happens.”

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  1. Guest April 8, 2012

    shame he wont be here anymore, but good for him for pursuing his goal!

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