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Creighton to stay on another year

In a last-minute decision, Joanne Creighton will stay on as interim president until Dan Weiss begins his term in July 2013.

According to Creighton, the Board of Managers made its final decision this past Saturday, April 29.

“I did need to abruptly change my plans again,” said Creighton. She had planned to return to teaching at the University of Massachusetts. “I did have students signed up in my class – so I feel terrible. But this is what the new president proposed, and I like Dan very much.”

As Weiss will be serving out his term as President of Lafayette College, he and Creighton will coordinate within the next year to plan the transition.

“It’ll be important that he comes [to campus], and we both want to make it work,” said Creighton. “But we haven’t had much a chance to talk about it yet.”

She emphasizes that the College will continue to pursue its agenda, academic planning and fundraising, “but I hope we can bring in [Weiss] as a part of the process.”

Weiss will be on campus tomorrow, May 2nd at 11 am in Founders Hall. Following the event, he will receive a campus tour from Franklyn Cantor ’12, a member of the Presidential Search Committee.



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