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Students’ Council Minutes 4/4/21

Absent: Isabel, JLo, Katie, Kim, Lisette, Sam, Vic

Evan: General updates? Either with StuCo or outside StuCo? 

Fiona: I’m on the Restorative Justice committee formed in response to the strike demands to create a system for accountability for problematic professors. We’ve been to one meeting, and they want to have more student voices! You all in stuco, you all reading in the minutes, if you want to be involved! If you or anybody want to meet with me or Beatrice [Kennison]  so we can relay your ideas, or if you want to come to the meetings. You can message me, email me, come to my office hours tomorrow.

[Fiona Kegler–, Beatrice Kennison–]

Margaret Chen: They’re asking for three Student Council 3 reps for these new groups for the CER committee. You will be getting paid over the summer, so that’s a good opportunity. 

Dex: Ok, let’s talk Plenary. We have a timeline. We should take a look over it to make sure we aren’t scheduling during any holidays or important events.

Evan: As we discussed before, there will be a few open forums on google docs and zoom, but none will be mandatory. It’ll mostly just be a lot of polls. 

Luka: I remember there being a discussion earlier on about the guy wanting his money back and the issues with the constitution it revealed. So I was wondering where we are in looking at the constitution.

Dex: We put people who wanted to do comments on the constitution doc so they could make suggestions. We’re not going to do a ton of resolutions in this plenary because it seems overly onerous on a virtual platform.

Sam: Is the plan to do Engage polls for voting?

Dex: basically the Engage election system, like the one we all got voted in with. I don’t get the sense Google form would be better.

Evan: Engage poll isn’t good for big blocks of text, so maybe Qualtrics would be preferable? Right now we’re sort of undecided.

Dex: We’re gonna need help with this stuff, so if any of you are interested, please volunteer, we will need as many hands on deck as possible.

Evan: We won’t be able to pass a lot of resolutions this plenary, but if you find anything really egregious in the constitution, let us know and we can write a resolution. We just won’t be doing a ton of overhaul.

Sam: If there’s any extra surplus, we could do a little celebration with food trucks, just to give people a positive association.

Dex: I think that’s a great idea.

Luka: Food trucks are kind of not worth it, the lines are so long for nothing

Dex: Maybe we can have ice cream pints that we give to people with proof of voting.

Noorie: Given that this month-long process is supposed to start in a few days, we should send an HC-all blast.

Evan: Yes, I’ve been drafting an announcement, it’ll go out in the next couple of days.

Below is a statement from Students’ Council to update the student body on our continuing plans for the budget surplus:

“Students’ Council discussed a meeting Noorie, Evan, and Dex had with the CPGC about meeting some of their needs due to recent funding cuts and our budget surplus. The primary avenue of support they highlighted was through their HaverPhilly Alumni Fellow positions which they had to cut in half. With each fellow costing around $40,000 (it is variable due to outside organization contributions), Students’ Council decided that, while the program contributes to the college, we do not feel comfortable with our mandate supporting a fellow(s) whose impact we could not directly measure. Those tens of thousands of dollars could be spent instead to impact more students in areas of higher need in the college with projects whose outcome we would directly and rapidly see.”

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