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Students’ Council Minutes 4/25/21

Evan: General updates?

Amolina: The HoCo heads want to know if they can come to this meeting?

Evan: Yes absolutely, anything else? If not, we can move on to Plenary. We passed quorum, so Plenary is beginning.

[Caroline Gihlstorf and Ally Edwards join meeting]

Caroline: Hi, we wrote some resolutions for plenary, and we have some logistical questions. We’ve gotten a lot of comments on one of them.

Ally: basically regarding the social code resolution we’ve had upwards of 200 comments, and so we came up with an idea that we’re hoping you can send out, because with all the comments it’s super hard to read. 

Evan: Just as a clarification, all of our meetings are public, are you ok with this being public?

Caroline: That’s fine, we want to make sure everyone has access and transparency.

Evan: Yeah. moving it to a pdf seems fine. We can send it from the StuCo account.

Caroline: sending via stuco might be best, as we’re the resolution writers, so it might be good to have a third party do that

Evan: Anything else you need help with regarding this?

Ally: the resolution as it is now has both comments and amendments, and it’s hard to separate the two so we’re thinking the new doc would be just amendments, and the discussion could be int he original doc.

Dex: Something I’ve been thinking about is the power dynamics of StuCo and HoCo commenting. I have a strong urge to comment on this doc to rebut other people, but do we think that would be productive? How can we show up to support this? My first thought is to just comment

Amolina: I do think commenting would be good to show that these opinions aren’t widely held, but also i think it’s only like 10 people commenting like 50 times, so I don’t think those 10 people will necessarily be receptive and it may not be a good use of our time?

Noorie: I agree, I think also people are trying to have discussion but it’s becoming cluttered and convoluted so I’m wondering if we can streamline them into groups, so the rest of the community can still see

Caroline: There’s soon gonna be a pro-con debate doc and office hours. We’re trying to figure out how to find places for that discussion and separating it from amendments that will be helpful to us

Evan: I was thinking about how to do pro-con debate in an effective way, maybe a google form where people can type their comments, and then it’ll all go into a spreadsheet but if anyone has any better ideas

Ally: Do you think it would be possible to also send out the friendly amendment doc with the new pdf, so it’s all coming from one place

Sam: I’m not sure how productive it would be to have a rejection option for amendments, but I don’t see an issue with having a doc for just friendly amendments.

Evan: We’re happy to send these along and then send the pro-con announcement tomorrow. 

Dex: we’ll send out pro-con, the pdf, and then this document, along with letting people know if you haven’t suggested their suggestions they can assume it’s unfriendly.

Caroline: Sounds good, the rest of the social code people are going through and accepting the helpful suggestions.

Evan: While you’re here we can talk about tabling and publicity?

Ally: As you guys are doing DC maybe we can table at the coop? We’ll message the council about it right now.

Evan: Sounds good, if you all want to join us at the DC, just let us know.

[Caroline and Ally leave]

Evan: Anything else about plenary? Nope?

Dex: Anything new about the surplus? We have a meeting next week to talk about the CPGC, they’re really excited

Margaret: Renovating affinity spaces!

Dex: It seems like there are some spaces for QTPOC in the north dorms, so Mike is going to talk to Vic about using one of those. The North Dorms are now a first year space so a lot of our projects are centered around there, but we don’t really know what they’re going to look like socially. 

Erin: What about Barc now that it’s upperclassmen? Barclay basement could be a project

Noorie: Barc Basement is a mess, it’s mostly storage and there’s weird tunnels, I’ve never heard of that space actually being used, so we can probably take it

Evan: Sounds good. We’re also talking about renovating PARC and the ISC because they have leakage and lotsa spiders.

Rasaaq: Parker House does not seem to be used for anything, I don’t know what’s happening with it but it has rooms and looks like it could be used? Does anyone know what’s the deal?

Margaret: It’s the fine arts senior studios.

Lyvia: It’s like a library carrell for the fine arts majors.

Dex: It is used, but it looks totally abandoned. It was originally proposed for the Latinx center, but people came forward to say it was used. We can talk to Mike about what’s happening now.

Sam: there’s a little rock parking lot next to that that’s about plot-sized for a building? Would it be possible to build anything?

Dex: That was also a pitch for the Latinx center and I don’t know why they didnt do that?

Luka: Buildings get really expensive really quickly.

Dex: yeah fair enough, we can think about it and if the costs seem like they might be too much we can reappropriate.

Luka: I’m not against a building I just want to be cautious.

Erin: I agree, I think we should be absolutely sure how much it costs before we do it so we don’t end up with a half-finished husk.

Ella: Adding to construction costs there’s also wiring and plumbing, which would definitely exceed half a million.

Erin: Do you think we could make a deal with admin in case of overages?

Evan: if there is a desperate need for another building we could bring that up, but we should identify a need before we do anything.

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