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9/29/19 Students’ Council Meeting Minutes

Each week, Students’ Council releases meeting minutes to the Haverford community. The ideas represented in these minutes do not necessarily reflect verified facts, nor do they necessarily capture all of any speaker’s intended point. The original document released by Students’ Council can be found here.

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday September 29, 2019


Minutes by Devi Namboodiri and Sydney Churchill

Meeting Minutes

Table of Contents

  1. Attendance
  2. Summary of Meeting Topics
  3. Campus Updates
  4. Officer Updates
  5. Presidential Updates
  6. Ford Form Responses
  7. Break Food Option/Food Pantry Discussion
  8. Hospitalizations on Campus

  1. Attendance
    1. Council Members
      1. Co-Presidents: Katie Leiferman & Mariana Ramirez
      2. Co-Vice Presidents: Noorie Chowdhury & Evan Moon
      3. Co-Treasurers: Dex Coen Gilbert & Eliza Koren
      4. Co-Secretaries: Devi Namboodiri & Sydney Churchill
      5. Officer of Multiculturalism: Brittany Robinson
      6. Officer of Academics: Lev Greenstein
      7. Officer of Arts: MacKenzie Somers
      8. Officer of Athletics: Rodrigo Zuniga
      9. Officer of Campus Life: Katie Chung
      10. Representative of International Students: Saket Sekhsaria
      11. First Year Rep: Rasaaq Shittu
      12. Sophomore Rep: Natalia Cordon
      13. Junior Rep: Brian Hu
      14. Senior Rep: Emily Lin
    2. Absent: Marked with Red
    3. Late: Marked with Orange
  2. Summary of Meeting Topics
  1. Campus Updates

MacKenzie: James house party on Friday went really well. Also people seem to be responding to email well.

Mariana: Have you guys heard anything about the Plenary email?

Rodrigo: Have we gotten Ford Form responses?

Katie/Mariana/Sydney: Yes

Emily: Event at Bryn Mawr: Teach-in on Kashmir and Assam. Hosted by Bryn Mawr South Asian Society.

Evan: Honor Council had their retreat this weekend. I heard it went well.

Emily: The Tri-Co Hackathon was this weekend. 

Devi: There was the Debate Tournament on campus.

Katie L.: I saw a lot of alums on campus this weekend, why was that?

Devi: It was alum week for sports

Emily: Some people were just visiting (not sports related)

MacKenzie: After campus safety released the email about the nature trail, seems to be More police presence on campus and bike police. 

Noorie: How do people feel about the wording of that email?

Brittany: I thought it was very specific

Noorie: I thought it was a little problematic but didn’t know how to respond

Evan: Do people think there needs to be a community response or discussion about this?

Devi: Does anyone know who this person was? Were they a student.

Rasaaq: No one really knows.

MacKenzie: I think that would be a good discussion, people have definitely been talking about it but could be more productive.

Katie L.: A react discussion?

Mariana: In a more direct way, what do you think of sending an email to Kim Callaghan?

Noorie: Yea I was also thinking along those lines. Asking campus safety what their intentions were behind the specific details they revealed. It was weird that they specified certain demographics – it wasn’t specific enough to identify the person.

Natalia: What did you find problematic about the email?

Saket: Who sent the email?

Katie L.: Kimberly Callaghan

Noorie: Campus Safety sent an email that someone was masturbating on campus. The person was described as a tall black male with facial hair. Then they talk about the police.

Evan: They gave the description of a tall black male and not really any specification that would actually help identify the person.

Brittany: I’ve also heard that with other memos they usually don’t provide very specific details in the emails. It’s a question of when demographic details are released and when they are not.

Dex: Are there previous examples? There was the guy caught on camera at the bookstore..

Emily: Regarding a previous incident, they included a description of the person: white male (height, etc.)

Katie L.: We could find more examples of these emails if we need to.

Mariana: How do we want to approach this situation?

Brian: I think a more direct approach like reaching out to the person who sent the email to have a discussion with him. What the structural procedures for this usually are and how we can understand why they did this.

Katie L.: So to reach out and have a conversation personally? How should we go about it?

Emily: It might make sense for you as Co-Presidents to meet with someone regarding this. Echoing what people are saying, it’s not like they were saying here’s a description, find this person. I am also thinking about other explanations for this, what if someone was just peeing because they couldn’t find a bathroom.

Evan: If you want a more indirect convo, we could go through COMLs, or other resources. 

Katie L.: Could go to Steve Water in the Ombuds office. Are people okay with Mariana and I having this meeting? Or does anyone have passion regarding this issue? Okay we will share a doc after our meeting.

  1. Officer Updates

Rodrigo: I met with Nicky, the strength and conditioning coach and went through each of the ford form responses. The conclusion of the meeting was to send an email out addressing the recommendations. There’s not enough PR about the current efforts of the giac to be inclusive.

We wanted to address all of the recommendations. Most of them were issues or concerns or suggestions that are already in place but people don’t know.

Met with Wendy Smith, director of athletics, talked about a secondary responsibility of diversity and inclusion for existing staff member, nationwide effort to make information more available regarding diversity and inclusion in athletics. 

Kaite: Do you know who will have that role?

Rodrigo: I think they’re going to vote it in in the spring sometime. Until that happens, we don’t know who it’ll be and Wendy will appoint them. Had a SACC meeting, talked about the party discussion and how that’s getting organized. BSL and ALAS are gonna participate. Representative from the women’s Center will likely be facilitating. A lot of people are working on the project. The discussion is going to take place before October 6th. Met with Julie Hans, who is passionate about LGBTQ inclusion in athletics. Would it be possible to start a new committee for inclusion in athletics?

Shouldn’t be one position, should be a conversation that multiple perspectives contribute to.

Mariana: Did you advise her on anything?

Rodrigo: She pitched it to me and then I said I wasn’t sure how this new committee would be started

Evan: It would depend on whether or not you want it to be a Task Force or a Committee. If a committee, then you might need a lot of administration and formal procedures. Could be a more informal process that is student run. 

Rodrigo: So you need a staff person for the committee? 

Noorie: Usually some members are from staff or faculty if necessary and there are also student representatives.

Evan: It can still be student-centered even if there is a faculty or staff member. 

Emily: So the Task Force on Classroom Climate was not a committee and didn’t have applications?

Mariana: It was not considered a committee.

Rodrigo: How do I start to make this committee?

Mariana: We can continue this conversation after the meeting?

Katie: There is no communities or groups on campus doing this job?

Mariana: Then what is the job of SAAC?

Rodrigo: SAAC is focused on student-athlete experience.

Mariana: Could SAAC become that?

Rodrigo: The only members of that committee are athletes and coaches

Saket: Mine is pretty short. IDOMO had their opening and it was fantastic! ISA karaoke, the basement looks fantastic. It was a really good event.

Evan: Finally have the appointments for HCAB. 

Noorie: We also appointed two people to Education Policy committee.

Evan: There was no applications for the Commencement Committee for the junior class. We need to recruit people, it’s a really fun committee.

Noorie: The roles of people in this committee are to plan senior week and graduation speakers. We were expecting people to be more excited about it. We also put up all the committees as new organizations on Engage. 

Evan: So we’re going to keep records of appointments to begin to improve institutional memory of appointments. 

Emily: I emailed Mike Elias. He had a meeting with JSAAPP Co-Heads regarding party host training, and I am going to meet with them this week. They also said they want to survey students regarding the reimbursement process. Met with Katrina Glanzer, Dean of Pre-Major Advising. She has met with faculty groups and will meet with more. Platform where more info is available to students. How can students thrive when they are coming from different backgrounds. Asked someone about plenary and they said they love it! They also added that it would be good to have more discussion and make it a more productive space.

Eliza: Now that we are past budgeting grievances. We are just doing maintenance work and responding to office hours. We are still working with power posers so we reached out to studio head but she hasn’t gotten back. 

Brian: Didn’t do much this week. Talked to someone on honor council about plenary. Mentioned that last year Students’ Council spent 3,000 dollars on t-shirts last year without consent of Honor Council.

Dex: Honor Council and Students’ Council have a shared pot of money. 

Devi: What does Honor Council use money for?

Emily: What do we use money for as Council?

Devi: If you plan plenary you have to pay for the food and you need to get blast there. 

Katie L.: When you have town hall as well.

Emily: Mike said there is a grant from an alum for food for Plenary.

Katie L.: Communication between Honor Council and Students’ Council is really good this year. This year we talked about that it is SC’s responsibility to plan Plenary but we want to inform Honor Council as we are going along.

Brian: I’m going to meet with Mike Alias as a task group force for SWOL. And I’m going to set up my office hours next week.

Natalia: I talked to a few first years about the plenary email because they didn’t understand what it meant. I tried to explain it to the and hear their feedback on it. Everything seemed positive so far. But people were surprised that more people aren’t reacting to it

I was supposed to meet with SoHo last week but they had an event, though not many people came, people who did engage. Meeting tomorrow, integrate clearness committee report into action. There might be another event from SoHo coming up this week. 

Devi: I have been discussing with people about a project that is bringing back the “Black Out Board”, I talked about that at the end of last year. It’s somewhere that people can write their stories on or someone can submit a form and someone can write a response for them. I think this might be good to bridge gaps across different social circles on campus and things that people are going through on campus. I also want to make sure that there is a positive aspect to it. Looking at ways to be thankful for the community. A way to compile lived experiences as a campus. Last year I was in charge of the Exam Relax Day, worked with Officer of Academics last year and planned to book the DC west wing to have food and snacks and a place for people to study in. Thinking of bringing that back again.

Sydney: Went to SWOL’s meeting on Tuesday, focus of meeting was to talk about what was accomplished– Customs, list of demands sent out. Every student worker did get a 50 cent raise!!!! Which is huge! Excited for task force for SWOL starting up next week, starting action– townhall likely in the future. 

Brittany: I’ve started the process of planning WeSpeak for Us. A WeSpeak that is for self-identifying POC on Sunday November 10th. I met with Ben about the break pantry and a lot of things are still unknown about that. I’ve also been talking with people about plenary. Most concerns that I’ve heard about is regarding experience as a facilitator. Not everyone is an experienced facilitator. I think this should be a focus of our Tuesday meeting. 

Mariana: For the WeSpeak for Us event are you working with other students?

Brittany: Mercedes and I are planning it.

MacKenzie: James House Clean up Day on Sunday. Sign up forms for different shifts going on weekly consensus. Met with facilities throughout this week and I’ve been having more conversations about accessibility and sustainability of this space going forward. Music, tech and performance convos with BLAST.

Rasaaq: I’ve been finishing up the Adobe website I was talking about last week as a more accessible way for First Years to see what I’ve been up to. Spent most of the week talking to rugby captain about social teams and how we can scale culture to different teams on campus. Especially with respect to consent and alcoholism.

We want to have a consent and alcohol conversation, I’ve received a lot of support for this because of Issues that resulted from alcohol/ alcohol abuse. We want to have a scaled discussion talk with teams that have social spaces. I’m going to hopefully come forward in the next week about what form this education would take. 

Mariana: Have you reached out to Katrina Glanzer regarding this?

Rasaaq: I do have plans to meet with her specifically soon. But I think for this project I should meet with other people such as SAAC.

Lev: 1. I followed up with Ben Hughes and Brian Cuzzolina about the classroom climate report and designing a space where the conversation can be continued (and it seems like it’s possible (they’re both for it), plus, Leslie Luqueño has been working on similar conversations already, so I’m trying to talk with her to learn more.) 2. Apparently President Raymond is also working on diversity and inclusion in the classroom, so ben is connecting me to her efforts to see if the conversation space we’re figuring out is something that would actually add to the information the president’s office would have in designing their action plan. 3. I’m trying to get on finding out how I can support students and I’m not sure how, so hopefully I can jump into supporting other council members efforts in the meantime

Katie C.: 1. Emailed about the Haverfarm grant, haven’t received a response yet

2. Emailed affinity groups about the opportunity to meet with Wendy Raymond

3. Met with JSAAPP coheads, probably won’t kick off party training host until January at the latest, but this is their top priority; notified them about Oct 5 panel with SAAC

4. Met with ResLife Committee, they are interested in helping out with food security stuff, survey will be sent out (it’s ready, just needs to be sent) asking people to let us know if they are staying on campus for fall break, relayed to Evan that for this fall break, DC vouchers will be given and OMA will continue with regular pantry; we can work on improving stuff for future breaks

  1. Presidential Updates

Mariana: Report from Task Force on Work and Service is coming out this week. Met with President Raymond this week and talked about Move out process– many things are left behind in rooms– mostly trash that black and other POC workers have to do extra work to clean up. Admin is thinking about ways to streamline this process. 

Katie L.: Jesse Lytle met with CSSR to follow up with the plenary resolution from last spring. Have a plan for carbon neutrality and are brainstorming ways that the light-pollution aspect of the resolution can be addressed. 

Katie L.: Did anyone go to Wendy’s Worner?

Emily: I wasn’t there but heard that a good amount of students talked to her and that the event went well.

Noorie: Did you guys talk about extending the move-out period? Sometimes I think the time constraints cause people to be careless.

Katie L.: Yea we brought that up actually. It’s still in its initial stages.

Mariana: A positive that comes out of that is that really valuable objects get left behind, so can be used by people later. MSP has access to borrow things from the basement where they compiled this stuff.

Katie L.: Want to restructure. There are a lot of departments and people involved in this.

Saket: I would love to talk about the challenges of this with regard to international students. A lot of people feel they need more support. It would be good to be looped into the conversation.

Natalia: On campus storage is a really difficult process. 

Mariana: They mentioned they just started looking at this. Will keep you posted.

Katie L.: In terms of the Strategic Steering Committee, if anyone has names they could give us that would be helpful. It’s a two year position, they have a good sense of the community as a whole. 

Mariana: When you’re at these meetings with the President and other administrators of the college it can be intimidating as a student to speak your mind. Please think of this when considering who to recommend. 

Emily: We could look at who ran in previous elections.

Brittany: I think there’s value in having it open because it could be good to have someone new.

Katie L.: The description is two students, steep time commitment from October

Emily: Why aren’t we doing this through appointments?

Katie: She essentially asked us to pool everyone we know to decide who is on this committee. We could do it through the appointments process but it might take longer. 

Katie L.: We are not actually deciding in this case, we are just giving Wendy options so that she can decide on who she wants.

Emily: For the Presidential Search Committee, Council had appointments that were clearly stated as nominations for the Board of Manager to approve. We could do a similar thing where it would be clear that Council would not have the final say and is making suggestions to Wendy.

Katie L.: We can mention this idea that there would be an appointments process to decide on the nominations.

  1. Ford Form Responses

Responses to GIAC Ford Form Responses (Plenary Ford Form Responses will be discussed at Plenary Meeting on Tuesday due to time constraints): 

Responses from Things on Campus that we don’t need

  1. Sorry I know this was last week’s topic, but to the whole “things we’re doing that we should stop doing” thing… JSAAPP. This isn’t salt or shade, it’s just a thing that exists and doesn’t have a strong mission or purpose right now

Responses from GIAC accessibility

  1. I really like the new sign outside the GIAC that shows what times are busy/non-busy!! I think that helps a lot with accessibility. Could consider adding when different teams are using it as well
  1. I liked the idea from your last meeting about having a calendar that’ll at least show when teams do big lifts (deadlifts esp) but I’ve also noticed that the athletic trainers (Nicky/Taylor?) will approach athletes if they notice that an athlete is doing something absolutely wrong but not necessarily the same for other students. I’ve seen a lot of new cool stuff at the GIAC and sometimes I’m afraid to approach the trainers so I think that’d be helpful! Also maybe advertise their TeamBuilder lift app or whatever it is to students and give an introduction of how it works!! I think so many students are interested in going to the gym but don’t know where to start and the app could be really helpful!!
  1. a comprehensive email including info about the weight room could be sent out to hc-all (i think the open lift times are of particular interest to be shared)
  1. To make the GIAC more accessible to non-athletes, it would be nice to have rules against having entire teams screaming and taking up space; it makes the space very hostile to non-athletes. Also all the records on the walls make it feel like a space that exists first and foremost for people on sports teams.
  1. There is very limited floor space for body weight exercises or post workout stretching, I would really appreciate some designated space for that
  1. Would be super helpful to have an online GIAC schedule posted that shows when the gym/Swann/basketball courts are hosting practices and when they are open
  1. I wish there was some easy way to see when teams have scheduled workouts so I can go at a different time
  1. Make the GIAC a 24-hour gym please!

Plenary Responses

  1. I think that the date chosen for plenary is a bad idea – It’s family weekend, and I for one will not be coming to plenary as my mum is coming from 3000 miles away and I don’t want to lose time with her.
  1. The whole process should be made available electronically and mobile friendly. Perhaps in a format similar to subreddits with anonymous upvotes/downvotes. This way people who is afraid to raise their voice/too lazy to show up can still upvote the opinions that resonate with them.
  1. Plenary is very long and time consuming, which detracts from people wanting to go even if they care about the work we do while there because of the stress that comes from not being able to get work done on a Sunday. We need to develop a STRICT schedule in advance and adhere to it so that we ensure that everyone stays engaged and that we respect other commitments and mental health. Engaging meaningfully in the community via Plenary is an incredible opportunity that I know we all value, but it can also be extremely anxiety-inducing given that we as Haverford students have so much on our plates with academics and other commitments that taking hours out of a day with no classes is very stressful. Finding a way to get people to actually go on time would help this effort. If Plenary starts at 3, set up a schedule so that it begins at 3:15 to encourage people to get in on time so they can know when they’re able to return to other obligations they may have.
  1. I don’t know what this could or should look like, but maybe there needs to be more conversations around disallowing or somehow curbing cheering at plenary. In my experience, cheering has been combination alienating and hurtful for some students, depending on what the cheering is for, and it seems like it can sometimes erupt in a way that is contradictory to the trust, concern, and respect tenet of the hc. However, I don’t know how to approach this idea, especially in groups of people, and would appreciate if any conversations about this topic could be entertained. Thank you for reading/considering
  1. Thought: It may be nice to re-imagine plenary as a space for bringing the community together in a more intentional way. If club leaders, student athletes … anyone, could come up and give updates on the community OR if student council could give updates on community events that would be a really beautiful way of all of us coming together to be grateful about what is being done in the community.It could serve as a moment of self reflection about how far new clubs have come, new buildings on campus, new academic options, etc. Apart from just the resolutions on how to continue to implement new and better opportunities for everyone.I understand the desire for anonymous submissions to Plenary, but I see a lot of value in people standing up for what they believe in at the plenary. For me, Plenary should invite people of all backgrounds to feel free to speak or submit their thoughts to the discourse. In particular, I think we have not done well as a community encouraging people to share dissenting opinions. The Clearness Report demonstrated the incongruity between campus discourse and the actual views of HC students. As a community, we can do better. We need to show EVERYONE (and I mean everyone, not just those who we have deemed acceptable) that we care about them and what they have to say.

Emily: the TeamBuilder thing, anyone can get access. You just need to email them.

Rodrigo: You could also talk to them in person.

Mariana: This would be good to highlight in the comprehensive email, as I don’t think this is public knowledge. 

Rodrigo: The comprehensive email will have teambuilder info, multipurpose room for floor space (schedule posted on the door )can access schedule onEMS, can also see schedule on email. 

Schedule posted on the door. 

EMS to see when practices are in the gym

Also the records and squirrel power club is available for anyone to try and participate in. Not just athletes.

As for teams being loud and yelling, Nicky sees the positive energy and doesn’t want to stop teams from encouraging each other.

Nicky wants to enhance intro to fitness classes to make it more interesting????? Holistic?

Brittany: In your next meeting with Nicky, could you discuss options for opting out of Intro to Fitness? Is it still using every machine?

Dex: It has more, nutritional information and demonstrating exercises.

Emily: Could you discuss having more levels to Squirrel Power club? The basic level of the club still seems pretty intense. 

Rodrigo: He did bring this up, he had an idea of a pillar with non-athlete standards of fitness

Mariana: Could there be an anonymous feedback form?

Katie L.: There is at the GIAC

Emily Lin: What about an electronic anonymous feedback form?

Rodrigo: I can talk to him about this.

7. Break Food Option/Food Pantry Discussion (contact Evan Moon ( or Brittany Robinson ( 

Katie L.: We were talking with Saket about creating a subcommittee: Who wants to work together? And what are the current efforts like? What do people already know about in terms of what is going on on campus?

Mariana: We have two weeks until fall break

Brittany: Starting with the OMA, they will be running a basic supply of dry foods over fall break. There was a meeting between Ben, Emily Johnson, people from the DC and ResLife. Still trying to figure out if people from unlimited meal plan get swipes during Fall Break.

Evan: DC will be open, varsity athletes (charged to their departments) and students onnon-full meal plan can use their swipes, otherwise you have to pay as you go. LIFTFAR can provide vouchers for students in need. Different offices will have sponsored meals throughout the break, hc-all email will be sent soon and students can RSVP from there. MCC Kitchen will be open and equipped with dry foods. On student front, ISC (International Student Center) & I-Domo (International House), as well as various food groups (Haverfarm, Food Co-op, and Ehaus) are also thinking of coordinating a pantry.

Katie L.: I know they sent out an email to everyone who is LiftFar eligible. Is this how it will operate?

Evan: Some efforts were wondering if StuCo has surplus money for this?

Katie L.: Is there going to an email that contains all this information in one place?

Evan: Yes. All of the departments are working together this year.

Brittany: That email will likely come out pretty late. 

Emily: Can we let students know ASAP that meals would be offered on campus during break? 

Evan: That happens every break so people will know

Emily: There is a whole class of first years that won’t know

Mariana: I think we need to let  people know as soon as possible so that people can plan accordingly.

Rasaaq: It would be good to have resources from upperclassmen for first years so we can learn from their experiences.

Evan: Food Co-Op, Haverfarm and Ehaus are meeting to organize meals, also ISC and I-Domo. Might depend on budgeting and whether or not StuCo can help.

Dex: What number are you looking for?

Evan: We’re not sure yet

Dex: We have a surplus of about 43,000, I think off the top of my head. It should be made clear to the departments that this needs to be institutionalized going forward. 

Emily: I know an issue in the past had been people taking advantage of and being disrespectful of OMA pantry– making a mess of communal kitchens.

Brittany: That’s something we’re still working through. One solution is having someone monitoring it but that is a challenge. 

Katie L.: It is crazy that this is a student led effort to make sure people are getting food over breaks. Who are the admin at play in this case?

Evan: OMA, Reslife, LIFTFAR, Dining Center

Emily: Who’s in charge of LIFTFAR?

Evan: Emily Johnson

Brittany: Office of Services (Marilou Allen)

Mariana: It might make sense to tie in all these conversations and centralize these ideas. How do people feel about forming a subcommittee focusing on food break options?

Katie L.: This can look in whatever way makes sense. But make sure conversations are centralized. Saket do you have thoughts?

Saket: I would love everyone’s opinions on it. A lot of conversations are worthwhile, student clean-up and the idea of demonstrated need versus want. Talked with Teresa tensuan about that. The idea that it is the responsibility of people to feed themselves if they are not demonstrating need.

How can conversations be made central? All these resources should be pooled together to make sure students are fed. I really like the idea of a subcommittee.

Brittany: We can also talk about the student’s doing the work. The OMA has the smallest budget and the pantry was taking so much of budget that events were cancelled for a year. Something to consider when thinking about institutional priorities.

Evan: Admin has different approaches and priorities.

Mariana: If one of the co-treasurers would like to be available for consultation. 

Eliza/Dex: of course!

Brittany: From a preliminary standpoint, is there a real possibility of offering support?

Dex: Yes, we need to spend the surplus. 

Evan: Shoutout to Katie Chung about all of the work she has done on this. 

If anyone is interested in event planning, reach out to plan with!

Mariana: Would it be helpful to put your guys’ information in the top paragraph of the ford form?

Brittany and Evan: Yes

Who is interested in: Natalia, Rasaaq, Saket, Evan, Brittany

MacKenzie: IF there is a need for more kitchen space, the Hurford Center kitchen and fridge could be good.

Dex: Email us what you need and we should be able to make it happen.

Emily: Even though we’re not in the strategic planning phase yet, a lot of us won’t be here for much longer. 

Helpful for council to improve institutional memory on what to fundraise for. Institution should fund raise money for these initiatives. 

Devi: Maybe we can bring it up in the next Board of Managers meeting.

Emily: Has anyone here sat on those meetings? Is there a space for presenting that at those meetings?

Mariana: We can ask President Raymond about this

Emily: She has the most contact with them 

Mariana: Jesse Lytle forwarded us this invitation to go to the Governor’s Food Security Partnership Annual Summit. Looks to address student hunger. On October 8th in Harrisburg from 9:30am-4pm. There would be funding available. Hospitalizations this weekend. 

8. Hospitalizations on Campus

Katie L.: In the last four weeks, the number of trips to the hospital and the number of people admitted has been higher than in the past. It’s not necessarily be a bad thing, maybe more people are reporting these incidents, not that more are happening. Another factor that could account for this is that a dean worked with customs committee during pre customs on removing stigma from reporting and results of calling emergency. Going over the process of how alcohol poisoning and calls are dealt with in a way that won’t be on the record. This also could not be what’s happening. Any other thoughts?

Mariana: I don’t know if I got this information from a survey or a discussion, but it seems as though this is the class that has the least experience/interest in substances than in past years.

Emily: If this Customs is different, we can see how many are first years vs. not. A lot of people come in having no experience/interest and then people are trying substances and I could see how that would be dangerous. I’m really interested in making party culture and safety better.

Katie L: You could talk to Katrina, I know she is passionate about issues of consent surrounding not only sex but also people giving their consent before having to take care of another person

Devi: It is also a campus culture thing, people expect other people to take care of them.

Mariana: There was a push to talk about boundaries and what Custom’s people are willing and unwilling to do in their roles this year.

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