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The Squirrel’s Scoop, 2/16/2022

Welcome to The Squirrel’s Scoop—The Clerk’s weekly news bulletin. The Squirrel’s Scoop brings you the biggest stories from the past week in one place.

Plenary Confirmed for March 27

In an email sent last Wednesday, StuCo co-presidents Sam Aronson ’22 and Amolina Bhat ’23 announced that Spring Plenary will be at the end of March. They will conduct Spring Plenary using the same hybrid format as the Fall, with students meeting in the GIAC and a Zoom option available upon request.

With one uncharacteristically smooth Plenary already under their belt, Aronson and Bhat are “hoping to follow the incredible energy we had in the fall.” Like last semester, food trucks and performers will encourage attendance. “We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there,” says Bhat.

Information about submitting resolutions is to come.

SDS Petitions for New COVID Policies

On Wednesday, February 9th, the Bi-Co chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) opened a petition to update Haverford’s COVID-19 policies, calling the current guidelines “insufficient and unacceptable.” The petition focuses mainly on testing and calls for a return to mandatory screening. Until this semester, this practice had been a requirement for students since the start of the pandemic. The petition discusses the importance of testing, especially if students are engaging in in-person activities, such as classes, athletics competitions, and social gatherings: “Testing gives students the ability to assess COVID risks on campus”

The second focus of the petition is hybrid learning. The petition calls for the College to make classes more accessible to immunocompromised students and others who may feel uncomfortable about in-person classes: “Hybrid learning options must be vigorously supported by the school as a way to enable the learning of disabled and immunocompromised students during and beyond the pandemic.” As of this writing, the petition has 109 signatures.

In a statement to the Clerk, SDS expressed their concerns about the College’s COVID-19 policies and alternatively, their reasons for starting this petition: “Students for a Democratic Society is concerned that the school is caving to pandemic fatigue and avoiding simple measures that could be taken to stop the spread without restricting social activity.” They noted that their goal is “not to return to lockdown or take away anyone’s college experience—we want to make campus safer and more inclusive for everyone.”

New VCAM Exhibition: The Art of Healing

On Friday, February 11th, at 4:30 pm, a new exhibition opened in VCAM entitled “The Art of Healing: Heart and Home.” The display is located in the Upper Create Space and is the 2022 Open Call Exhibition. The Art of Healing features artwork from 33 Bi-Co students. Izzy Ray ‘23, Jalen Martin ‘23, Eryn Peritz ‘25, and Michaela Richter ‘25 organized the exhibit. According to the Instagram account @haverfordvcam, the exhibit is constructed around some questions such as “What are your experiences with pain and healing?” and “What does home mean to you?” The exhibition will be open until March 13th of this year.

Ray talked about the project and what it means to hear, especially since her art is in the exhibit: “The exhibit is meant to be a warm, cozy, comfortable space that contrasts the typical cold, formal, and sterile feel of most art galleries.” She added, “I’ve always seen art-making, art-sharing, and art-viewing as healing mechanisms… I think this exhibition has been a great way for student artists to share vulnerable parts of themselves with our community”

Martin also expressed how appreciative he was to have been able to work on this exhibition: “Co-curating this exhibition was a rewarding experience. I’m always amazed at the incredible talent of our student artists. This year, we wanted to showcase artwork that embodies the themes of “home” and “healing” to celebrate the comfort, resilience, and togetherness we feel and search for every day.”

Haverfest Committee Formed

After a late start, Haverfest Committee, the group behind the annual end-of-year celebration, has been fully formed. Headed by Lara Deuber ’23 and Blythe McWhirter ’23, the committee is responsible for booking artists, planning activities, and coordinating food to keep the campus-wide party running the weekend before finals.

Though the theme of the festival will be kept under wraps until the weekend is closer, there are already rumors swirling about what it might be, following last year’s Camp Haverfest. According to Deuber, there is already much for students to look forward to. “We have a great group, and everyone has so many ideas,” she told the Clerk. “We can’t wait for the ending!”

Students should be on the lookout for emails with more information about the event, including opportunities to get involved and an Instagram for updates and reveals.

48 Straight Women Waitlisted for a Marriage Partner

On Valentines Day, students who signed up for Fords Against Boredom’s Marriage Pact program received an email containing their algorithmically determined soulmates! Unfortunately, 48 straight women were put on a waitlist for a partner due to a lack of eligible suitors at the college. “The dating scene at Haverford can be rough,” said straight woman Edna Creelman ’23. She adds: “it’s brutal out here.”

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