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Squirrel’s Scoop, 4/20/2022

Welcome to The Squirrel’s Scoop—The Clerk’s weekly news bulletin. The Squirrel’s Scoop brings you the biggest stories from the past week in one place.

Haverford Experiences Second COVID Spike of the Semester

For the second time this semester, Haverford is experiencing a spike in COVID cases. As of Wednesday, April 20, there are 52 active student cases. In response to the spike, Vice President of the College Jesse Lytle informed the student body that additional testing would be offered on campus on Saturday, April 16, at Founders Hall. Lytle also encouraged students to get tested to know their status. Regarding masking, Lytle did not announce any updates in the guidelines. Still, he did include the following note to the community: “Masking of course significantly reduces the risks of infection, and we recommend masking in indoor settings when in doubt. Masking is required for all close contacts and for 10 days for anyone who tested positive.”

Below is a graph of student COVID cases at Haverford throughout the academic year, demonstrating the current spike.

It’s Awards Season!

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time for many Haverford traditions, including annual awards. This week, Students’ Council is giving the student body one last opportunity to nominate members of the Class of 2022 for nine Commencement Awards before Wednesday, April 20th, so that non-senior members of the council can have enough time to deliberate, co-presidents Amolina Bhat and Sam Aronson explained in a March 17 reminder email. 

Meanwhile, the nominees for the CPGC’s second annual “Publicly Engaged Scholar Award” are presenting talks this Wednesday in a hybrid event. The award is usually given to seniors and “recognizes knowledge production and dissemination that advances peace, social justice, and global citizenship.” This could be through research and/or projects done through senior thesis or another avenue. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for this Spring, there are eight student nominees from both the Classes of 2021 and 2022 whose names were put forward by faculty for the award. After successful completion of the presentation of research, the students earn the distinction. Further information about the award itself and the research presentations can be found here

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