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photographer: Kate Silber

Survey Says… : Transparency

Do Haverford students know their own student representatives? We asked, 45 of you answered. Congratulations to Cole Sansom and Clerk editor-in-chief Maurice Rippel with the only completely-correct responses and a shout-out Ben Horowitz ‘17, the only enthusiastic alumni to play along. As a whole, however, we’ve got a little bit work to do. Here are the results:

  • Only five respondents incorrectly identified their class representatives. Class representatives are: Noorie Chowdhury ’21, Sydney Churchill ‘20, Simon Poser ‘19, and Joey Leroux ’18.
  • We listed sixteen names and asked if each was on student council, honor council, or neither. For each of these sixteen, there were several votes for each option. The most glaring error involves the nearly 30% of responses which listed Shayna Nickel as a member of either SC or HC (she is actually the VCAM Innovation Program Manager and not a student). On the other hand, all but four people correctly identified Joseph Spir as a member of HC (in fact, he’s the co-chair!).  
  • Only twenty-one, or 47%, of respondents could name a first-year on either SC or HC, and only fourteen, or 31%, could identify Jake Bernstein’s SC position (we accepted both Officer of Student Life and the correct title Officer of Campus Life). Clearly, there is a lack of knowledge throughout all grade levels at Haverford.
  • Most people could name at least one SC president or vice-president. Among the eight incorrect responses, common errors included listing Saif Kureishi and Cesar Meric (SC co-treasurers) or Rachel Romens ( SC officer of athletics) for these positions.

Whether you speak at Plenary, receive funding from Student Council, serve on an Honor Council jury, or simply benefit from these activities taking place, every student at Haverford interacts with the work of their elected peer representatives in some way. Get to know them!

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