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Pizza and WiFi to lure students to Special Plenary

With 75 percent of the student body needed to reach quorum at Sunday’s Special Plenary, Honor Council is taking extra measures to get more students to attend.

According to Honor Council co-chair Tamar Hoffman ’15, to encourage attendance, pizza and stronger internet access will be provided. All campus libraries will be closed as well.

“We hope to reach quorum as soon as possible and hope that students will realize the level of importance that their attendance holds,” said Hoffman.

Special Plenary is capped at 4 hours. If the quorum of 876 students is not met within that time, then ratification fails and the student body can petition for another plenary to be scheduled. Students can also vote to extend time by half an hour, although quorum is needed for that vote.

If quorum is met but the Honor Code fails to be ratified again, the ratification process starts again at square one, and another plenary will be scheduled, Hoffman said.

Haverford has not seen a Special Plenary take place since 2006. Although the student body voted at Spring Plenary on February 17 to open the 48-hour ratification process, the actual vote takes place online, administered by email. Ratification failed by over 50 votes.

Since the ratification failure, it has been unclear whether the campus has a code. Administrators have said the Code should stay in effect until the end of the year, while Honor Council co-chairs – and Admission Office tour guides – have said the Code is “in middle of the ratification process.”

In addition to ratification, students will also consider three resolutions to amend the Honor Code, including one which clarifies that, should the Code fail ratification again in the future, “the Haverford Community will continue to observe the Honor Code’s rules and guidelines until the end of the current semester. If no Honor Code is ratified before the semester ends, the Code will cease to be in effect.”

Special Plenary will be held in the GIAC on Sunday, March 24 starting at 6:30 p.m.

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