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Haverford Students Respond to UCA Issue

On April 6, 2014, Dean for First Year Students Michael Martinez announced to the UCAs for the class of 2018 that providing alcohol to their freshmen will have defined punitive consequences. On April 11, a camera crew from The Haverford Clerk asked students on campus about their opinions on the matter.

Filmed and edited by David Roza ’15 and Nick Gandolfo-Lucia ’16. Editor-in-Chief Katie Greifeld ’15 is featured.


  1. syed April 16, 2014

    I noticed a lack of diversity in these interviews. I don’t mean to devalue the views that were expressed, but don’t you think we are missing out on perspectives from other students in the community?

    • Katie Greifeld April 16, 2014

      Hey, thanks for watching. This film wasn’t edited in a way to cut out anyone’s voice or opinion. These are merely the responses we received. This film isn’t meant to be representative of the entire Haverford community. Instead, it is more to serve as a way of opening up conversation. As in the last few seconds of the video, we invite people to share their own opinions on the matter.

      • Dela April 21, 2014

        I believe this person was referring to diversity among the actual people responding, not diversity of opinions. Just thought I’d clarify (or suggest another interpretation, maybe I’m actually the one misunderstanding).

        • syed April 21, 2014

          Yes, I was referring to diversity among the people interviewed in the video. Sorry if it wasn’t made clear in my original comment.

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