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Photographer: Kate Silber

Do You Know Your Representatives? The Faces of Students’ Council and Honor Council

A total of thirty-nine elected representatives make up Haverford College’s Students’ Council and Honor Council. Earlier this month, editors from the Clerk sat in the lobby of the Dining Center to ask passing students if they could name just five: their class representative in Students’ Council and their four class representatives in Honor Council. Many students could not name one.

As part of the Clerk’s focus on transparency, the accessibility of information, and the role of decision-making bodies like Students’ Council and Honor Council on campus this month, we asked all thirty-nine representatives to help us make them known to the student body that elected them. Over the course of about three weeks, we were able to photograph thirty-five representatives and gather an impressive list of their many other commitments: activities, leadership positions, and jobs on and off campus. Below, for the first time, all of this information is available in one place.

Students’ Council Slideshow

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Honor Council Slideshow

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Students’ Council List

SC 1 Saumya Varma ’18 – Students’ Council Co-President

  • 2017 Customs Program Co-Head
  • South Asian Society Co-Head
  • Admissions Office Student Worker
  • Commencement Committee Member

SC 2 Julia Blake ’19 – Students’ Council Co-President

  • Varsity Softball Team Member
  • Upperclassmen Advisor (UCA) on Gummere 3/1

SC 3 Yancheng Dai ’18 – Students’ Council Co-Vice President

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

SC 4 Walt Plumlee ’18 – Students’ Council Co-Vice President

  • Guitar Lesson Teacher at Calliope Music Store in Ardmore

SC 5 Cesar Meric ’20 – Students’ Council Co-Treasurer

  • Men’s Rugby Club Team Member

SC 6 Saif Kureishi ’20 – Students’ Council Co-Treasurer (Not Pictured)

  • Haverford Microfinance Consulting Group Vice President
  • Club Soccer Team Member
  • Haverford Investment Gurus
  • Math Problem Solving Group

SC 7 Katie Leiferman ’20 – Students’ Council Co-Secretary

  • Mock Trial Leadership Team Social Chair and Competing Team Member
  • Customs Person (CP) for Apartment 38
  • Phonathon Student Worker
  • Central Services/Information Desk Student Worker

SC 8 Mariana Ramirez ’20 – Students’ Council Co-Secretary

  • Women’s Varsity Cross Country Runner
  • Women’s Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track Runner
  • Mock Trial Team Member
  • Ambassador of Multicultural Awareness (AMA) for Barclay 3S
  • Alliance of Latin American Students (ALAS) Member
  • Existence as Resistance House
  • Magill Library Digital Scholar
  • Quaker Bouncer

SC 9 Victoria Merino ’20 – Students’ Council Officer of Academics

  • Haverford Innovations Platform (HIP) Student Head
  • Women in STEM (WIS) Board Member
  • ALAS Board Member
  • International Student Association (ISA) Board Member
  • Co-Founding Member of Haverford College Historical Society
  • Communications Office Photographer
  • Teacher Consultant for the Teaching and Learning Institute at Bryn Mawr College
  • High School Science Coordinator for Mentoring & Student Teaching (MAST) at Haverford College
  • French Department Discussion Board Coordinator

SC 10 Cole Sansom ’19 – Students’ Council Officer of the Arts

  • Communications Office Photographer
  • Media Production Mentor at VCAM
  • Flim Clob President
  • Off the Spot Sketch Comedy Group Member and Filmmaker
  • Honor Code Orienteer (HCO)

SC 11 Rachel Romens ’18 – Students’ Council Officer of Athletics

  • 2017 Customs Program Co-Head
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Member
  • Residential Life Committee
  • Residential Student Liaison for Haverford College Apartments (HCA)
  • Member of Black Students’ League (BSL)
  • Women’s Varsity Lacrosse Goalie
  • Commencement Committee Senior Representative
  • Student Life Intern
  • Fitness Center Student Worker

SC 12 Jake Bernstein ’19 – Students’ Council Officer of Campus Life

  • Nanoscale Biophysics Researcher for Walter Smith Lab
  • Quaker & Special Collections Library Student Assistant
  • BLAST Student Tech Crew Audiovisual Technician
  • Office of Access and Disability Services (ADS) Student Worker
  • New York Times Company Campus Representative
  • CP for Apartment 42
  • Spotlight Theatre Company Co-Founding Board Member, Operations Coordinator, and Treasurer
  • BLAST Student Tech Crew Treasurer
  • Student Leadership Advisory Committee (SLAC) Campus Life Representative
  • Co-Founding Member of Haverford College Historical Society
  • Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC) Student Representative
  • Women*s Center 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline Volunteer
  • Admissions Tour Guide
  • Haverford College ‘Ford S-Chords Singer and Arranger
  • Bi-Co Orchestra Violin I

SC 13 Leslie Luqueño ’20 – Students’ Council Officer of Multiculturalism

  • ALAS Co-Head
  • Existence as Resistance House Contact Person
  • Admissions Office Host and Multicultural Recruitment Intern
  • QuestBridge Scholar
  • Council for Diversity and Inclusion Student Representative
  • Teaching and Learning Initiative Student Consultant
  • Education Research Assistant at Bryn Mawr College
  • News Editor for the Clerk
  • SLAC Member
  • First-Year Dean’s Council Chair

SC 14 Shayan Hashemi ’19 – Students’ Council Representative of International Students (Not Pictured)

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

SC 15 Joey Leroux ’18 – Students’ Council Senior Class Representative

  • Co-Founder of The Bug Club
  • Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA) Intern
  • VCAM Mentor

SC 16 Simon Poser ’19 – Students’ Council Junior Class Representative

  • News Editor for the Clerk
  • Haverford International Relations Society Member
  • Student Political Network Member
  • Archery Club Member

SC 17 Sydney Churchill ’20 – Students’ Council Sophomore Class Representative

  • Haverford College Crew Team Member
  • Student Library Assistant in Science Library
  • Research Assistant in Rob Scarrow’s Lab
  • Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF)
  • Hospice Services Volunteer (off-campus)

SC 18 Noorie Chowdhury ’21 – Students’ Council Freshman Class Representative

  • Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities Student Assistant
  • HIP Students’ Committee Member
  • Editorial Board Member for the Haverford Review
  • South Asian Society Event Coordinator
  • Haverford Effective Altruism Member

Honor Council List

HC 1 Arlene Casey ’19 – Honor Council Co-Chair

  • HCO
  • Teaching Assistant (TA)

HC 2 Joe Spir ’20 – Honor Council Co-Chair

  • Haverford College Crew Team Member
  • ALAS Member
  • Saxbys Coffee Employee

HC 3 Devin Louis ’18 – Honor Council Co-Secretary

  • Men’s Varsity Fencing Team Member
  • Haverford Law Review Editorial Board Member
  • Student Study Abroad Advisory Board Member
  • ADS Notetaker

HC 4 Anna Saum ’18 – Honor Council Co-Secretary

  • BLAST Head Lighting Designer
  • Lame Ducks Ice Hockey President
  • Haverford College Historical Society Co-Founder and Board Member
  • Library Architecture Committee Student Representative
  • HCO for Tritton 1W
  • “Collection” Plenary Resolution Co-Writer
  • Annual Giving & Alumni and Parent Relations Student Worker
  • SLAC Member

HC 5 Nicole Haas-Loomis ’21 – Honor Council First-Year Representative

  • Haverford College Crew Team Member
  • Haverford Street Outreach
  • Haverford Food Recovery
  • Central Services Student Worker

HC 6 Brett Hungar ’21 – Honor Council First-Year Representative

  • Haverford Mock Trial Team Member
  • Haverford Debate Team Member

HC 7 Makoto Manheim ’21 – Honor Council First-Year Representative

  • Phonathon Student Worker

HC 8 Lourdes Taylor ’21 – Honor Council First-Year Representative

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

HC 9 Riley Wheaton ’20 – Honor Council Sophomore Representative

  • Throng Improv Comedy Troupe Member
  • HCO for Barclay 1S
  • Admissions Tour Guide

HC 10 Allison Wise ’20 – Honor Council Sophomore Representative

  • HCO for Gummere 3/3
  • Quaker Bouncer Board Member
  • Co-Head of Off the Spot Sketch Comedy Group

HC 11 Daisy Zhan ’20 – Honor Council Sophomore Representative

  • Women’s Varsity Cross Country Runner
  • Women’s Varsity Track and Field Distance Runner
  • AMA for Barclay 2S
  • Student Writer for the Communications Office
  • Bi-Co Chorale Singer
  • HIP Student
  • Microfinance Club Member

HC 12 Lili Domenick ’19 – Honor Council Junior Representative

  • Writing Center Tutor
  • Science Library Student Worker
  • Bi-Co Migrant Rights Coalition

HC 13 Liana Shallenberg ’19 – Honor Council Junior Representative

  • CP Committee for 2017 Customs Program
  • Haverford Co-Head for Bi-Co Gymnastics
  • Intramural Volleyball Co-Head

HC 14 Madison Sultan ’19 – Honor Council Junior Representative

  • Intramural Volleyball Co-Head
  • Economics TA and OAR Tutor
  • Economics Department Search Committee Student Representative
  • UCA

HC 15 Alfred Lee ’18 – Honor Council Senior Representative

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

HC 16 Alex Milder ’18 – Honor Council Senior Representative (Not Pictured)

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

HC 17 Lillian Alonzo ’20 – Honor Council Community Outreach Multicultural Liaison

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

HC 18 Sabea Evans ’18 – Honor Council Community Outreach Multicultural Liaison

  • Haverford Bookstore Student Worker
  • Haverford Coop Student Worker
  • Research Assistant in the Haverford and Swarthmore Religion Departments
  • BSL Council Member
  • International Student Resource Person (ISRP)
  • AMA

HC 19 Kymon Harrington ’20 – Honor Council Community Outreach Multicultural Liaison

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

HC 20 Stephanie Histon ’18 – Honor Council Community Outreach Multicultural Liaison (Not Pictured)

No additional information was provided to the Clerk.

HC 21 Sophie McGlynn ’18 – Honor Council Librarian

  • HCO for Gummere 1/3
  • Special Collections and Magill Library Student Worker
  • Worked on “Collection” Plenary Resolution



Authors: Kate Silber, Carol Lee Diallo, Noor Fatima

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