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Why Divestment? 0

Why Divestment?

Written by members of Haverfordians for a Livable Future

On Monday, we (Haverfordians for a Livable Future) noted our opposition to the Board of Managers’ decision not to pursue further consideration of fossil fuel divestment and our decision to continue our c...

Discussions with Dan: the Strategic Plan 0

Discussions with Dan: the Strategic Plan

Last Wednesday President Dan Weiss spoke with students in Sharpless Auditorium about the Strategic Plan, and his vision for the College in the coming years, the second in a series of informal talks organized by Students' Council, called "Discussions with Dan." After giving an overview of
New HC Abstract Discloses First Permanent Separation from College 0

New HC Abstract Discloses First Permanent Separation from College

Many students expressed shock and disappointment November 5 at a discussion of the new trial abstract, "The Tempest," released by Honor Council last week.

The abstract relates how a st...

Security Summary 11/1-11/7 0

Security Summary 11/1-11/7

Saturday, November 2nd 12:39 a.m. Alcohol Illness Barclay Hall A report was received of a sick student (alcohol related) in Barclay Hall. The student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance. The Graduate Assistant was notified; a voice message left with the Nurse on Call. ...
A College blog dedicated to the sophomore year experience. 0

College Tackles Sophomore Slump

Sophomore slump describes the lack of direction that some college students feel their second year, a time of transition when students face many important decisions in the midst of lingering questions and uncertainties about their academic career. As explained by Dean of Student Life Steve Watter, sophomore...
In addition to a $55,000 band, Haverfest in 2007 had extra features such as "The Zipper," featured above. Photo by Jon Yu '12. 0

How Grand Will Haverfest Be?

11/4 7:30p.m. An earlier version of this article erroneously suggested disagreement between Cantor and Lavner about the moniker "Grand Haverfest." 11/5 12:23 p.m. The article has been updated to correct errors in reporting and reflect additional details about Haverfest costs. 
Security Summary 10/25-10/31 0

Security Summary 10/25-10/31

Friday, October 25th 9:03 a.m. Personal Injury Ira Reid A visitor to campus fell outside Ira Reid resulting in a facial abrasion. First aid provided by Officers. Visitor refused further treatment.   Saturday, October 26th 9:56 a.m. Criminal Mischief-Vandal...