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Clerk Chronicles: Geoffrey Labe

Title: Director of Conferences and Events and Campus Center Services Age: 32 Years at Haverford: 8   Where did you grow up? I’m originally from Upstate New York, but I was only up there for my very small years. For the rest of the time,...

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Wesleyan Newspaper Outrage is a Warning for Haverford

Two weeks ago, The Wesleyan Argus found itself facing a barrage of demands, threats, and harassment. At issue was the Argus’ publication of an op-ed that expressed reservations about the strategic viability of the “Black Lives Matter” racial justice movement. The author, Bryan Stascavage, contended...

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In the Wake of Threats, a Call for Community

This last week has been a horrifying one for colleges across the nation and for the Tri-Co in particular. First, there was the mass shooting in Oregon that ended the lives of nine innocent members of Umpqua Community College. Then, on Saturday, there was the...

A box beneath the bed of Dan Hopkins '16 anxiously awaits the arrival of winter.  September 28, 2105.
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Seasonal Appropriation a Growing Issue on Campus

Representatives from Haverford College’s Honor Council met this Friday to discuss what is quickly becoming one of the most contentious issues on campus: seasonal appropriation. Concern arose when a heated discussion in a social psychology seminar turned physical on Tuesday. Three students arrived for class...

Pope Francis' Sunday mass in Philadelphia was expected to attract over one million people from around the world. September 27, 2015.
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Papal Visit Draws Tri-Co Crowd

Several members of the Newman Society, the Tri-College’s Catholic organization, travelled into Philadelphia this weekend to hear Pope Francis speak at the 2015 World Meeting of Families. The pope, who arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday, had a busy itinerary as he conducted two masses, visited...

Evan Hamilton '17, one of the handful of men working to bring the top-knot to Haverford's campus.  September 25, 2015.
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The Lowdown on the Topknot

  Across the nation, a certain hairstyle has been tying discussions up in, well, knots. The polarizing hair style, the topknot, recently made headlines after it was banned at the Mormon institution, Brigham Young University. The school officials were quoted as saying the hairstyle was...

Luis and his band at Music and Art House's event "Backyard Barbecue Bonanza".  September 19, 2015.
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Backyard Barbecue Bonanza

On Saturday, the Music and Arts House hosted its first event of the year, “Backyard Barbecue Bonanza.” The get-together featured both solo performers and veteran Haverford bands. Photos by Jessie Lamworth ’18 and Alana Thurston ’16.  

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New Year Brings 13 New Clubs

Founders Hall was full of energy earlier this month as students signed up for clubs at the Student Activities Fair. The fair saw many familiar clubs, but there were also some new additions. According to the Student Activities Office, as of September 16 there were...

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Clerk Chronicles: Aubrey DeLone

Introducing “Clerk Chronicles,” an interview series featuring various Haverford faculty and staff. For our first installment, The Clerk sat down with Aubrey DeLone, Haverford’s new Haverfarm Fellow.    Aubrey DeLone Title: Haverfarm Fellow Age: 27 Years at Haverford: Started fellowship in July 2015   Where...