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Plenary Round-up

On Sunday, February 19, the Gardner Integrated Athletic Center (GIAC) was silent as students began Plenary with a Quaker silence.  Students had gathered there to discuss and open ratification of the Honor Code, along with seven other resolutions.  Something about this Plenary was different, though.  The ai...
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A Letter to David

Your recent pieces in The Clerk have, as I’m sure you’re aware, caused no end of frustration in certain leftist circles on this campus. Whether...
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Hail, Caesar! (2016) Review

NOW ON DVD: This tongue-in-cheek period piece of the Hollywood film scene in the 1950s revels in every inglorious—and frankly, painful—moment of the cinematic process of the supposedly good old days. A fictional ethnography of the parts of Hollywood we often willf...
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Letters to the Editor: Free Speech and the Honor Code

In response to "The Supreme Court, Honor Code, and The Muppets: Reform for Free Speech and Expression," The Clerk received many articles and letters to the editor from the community. This is an abridged collection of several such responses. We will be publishing more in the coming days. --...
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Not a Response Piece

By Shewit Zerai '18 I really don't want this to be a response piece because I'm tired of being reactionary. I'm tried of having my thoughts and feelings framed in response to the fucked-up shit I read and see happening every day. In an academic and social environmen...
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Not All Opinions Are Created Equal

By Jaimon Olmsted '17 I write in response to David Canada’s piece The Supreme Court, Honor Code, and the Muppets: Reform for Free Speech and Expression, recently published in
‘Majoritarian Morality’ and Civic Values 0

‘Majoritarian Morality’ and Civic Values

By Chelsea Richardson '18 In a recent article for The Clerk, David Canada argues that while plagiarism is objectively wrong, determining what constitutes racism and other bigotries is subjective. Canada fails to see that his designation of plagiarism as morally wrong is also subjective; i...