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End the Apathy: The Honor Code and the DC

As is reaffirmed every year, the Haverford Honor Code purports to exert influence over various dimensions of campus life, from the social to the academic. While it may be difficult to measure our adherence to it in the realm of academic dishonesty, there are other...

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“Smart Drugs:” Should they be Banned?

The surge of vitality a cup of coffee or an energy drink provides is a familiar experience for many high school and college-aged students. Now, however, a new stimulant is entering the conversation: “smart drugs.” So-called “smart drugs” include Adderall, Ritalin, and Modafinil and are typically...

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Students Partake in People’s Pilgrimage

12 Bi-College students spent Saturday afternoon trekking from Haverford to the Reading Viaduct in Philadelphia as part of the People’s Pilgrimage, a global movement in which individuals participate in environment-themed walks to raise awareness of climate change. The students left the Campus Center at 12:20...

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Food Certifications: Gratuitous or Essential?

This piece is the second of three articles from members of this year’s Environmental Studies Senior Capstone class. In the capstone’s previous article, “The ‘Local’ Label: A Modern Food Conundrum,” Katie Rowlett shows that the association of local food with small-scale, organic, sustainable, and humane food production...

After months of preparations, Green Engine Coffee Co., Haverford's newest artisanal coffee shop, will be opening its doors on Wednesday, November 4.  
October 30, 2015.
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What’s Brewing at Green Engine Coffee Co.?

If you’re not feeling the buzz, you soon will be at the Mainline’s newest coffee bar, Green Engine Coffee Co. Founder and successful sommelier Zach Morris, 35, is bringing some of the best beans in Philly to the Mainline with Rival Bros.’ roasts. While you...