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The Plenary That Never Was: A Photo Essay

At 4:07 PM, it was announced that a quorum had not been reached within a two-hour time period, ending the Fall 2019 Plenary before it even began.
Students make their way out of the GIAC carrying furniture, having been prepared for hours of discussion and debate.

A couch is taken back to Tritton hall. Many first-year students left Plenary feeling perplexed and frustrated, having to wait until the Spring to experience a central feature of Haverford College.

A facilitator collects posters that would have been used to organize the new discussion-based Plenary. This format remains untested, and it is unclear if it will be reattempted for Spring Plenary.
The last remaining would-be participants collect their belongings and make their way out of the GIAC.

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