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Evan Hamilton '17, one of the handful of men working to bring the top-knot to Haverford's campus. September 25, 2015. Ryan Gooding, Staff Photographer.

The Lowdown on the Topknot

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Across the nation, a certain hairstyle has been tying discussions up in, well, knots.

The polarizing hair style, the topknot, recently made headlines after it was banned at the Mormon institution, Brigham Young University. The school officials were quoted as saying the hairstyle was “extreme.”

With the rise of the topknot and its recent media interest, it seemed prudent to investigate the trend here at Haverford.

Foster Harris, a topknot-sporting Haverford first-year, told The Clerk that his decision to embrace the topknot was not premeditated.  “One, [I got it] because I didn’t want to get my haircut, and when I wear my hair down it looks silly,” remarked Harris.

However, Harris’ topknot was not totally born out of mere inconvenience.

“On December 18th, the Star Wars premier is coming out,” said Harris. “I’m growing out my hair so I can cosplay as Obi Wan Kenobi from the second movie, Attack of the Clones.”

When asked how many “topknotters” may also be influenced by the unflappable Jedi’s enviably aesthetic, Harris speculated, “you know, I would say very few people. I’d say that’s what makes me unique.”

Whatever the reason – be it Star Wars or otherwise – the topknot seems to be taking hold at Haverford. So, what does Haverford have to say about it?

Hannah Wild, also a first-year, expressed hesitant approval. “[The topknotter] needs to have the right face . . . but really anyone who is confident enough should try it out.”

When probed about what kind of face that might be, Wild added, “probably his jaw. Like, a strong jaw line.”

Some students did not give the knot their nod of approval. Shewit Zerai ’17 was quick to voice her distaste, shouting, “Kill the topknot! Kill it!”

Others have expressed concern for the hairlines of those rocking the hairdo.

MaryKate Cavanaugh ‘18 was recently overheard warning several members of the Haverford men’s cross country team (where the topknot has experienced uncanny popularity), “I hear topknots give you baldness!”

Like it or not, the topknot is, in all likelihood, here to stay.


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