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Student Quaker Retreat Interrupted by Manhunt

Last weekend, seemingly innocuous trip to the Poconos quickly took a turn for the chilling after news of a high-stakes manhunt in the area reached the ears of Quaker leadership on Haverford’s campus.

Haverford’s Quaker Community, or QuaC, periodically hosts retreats as a way for students to get off campus and take some time to center spiritually. One of these retreats was planned for two weekends ago to the aptly-named Air Castle— a posh house, featuring walls that open to the surrounding woods, nestled in northeastern Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. However, this trip to arboreal fantasyland had to be postponed.

These woods, while usually tranquil, have been disturbed in recent days by a hunt for self-identified “survivalist” Eric Frein, currently one of the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitives. Frein is currently wanted for the murder (and attempted murder) of multiple law enforcement officers.

This manhunt, entering its third week, involves scores of local police officers turning the area virtually upside down—Mr. Frein is rumored to subsist on canned tuna and ramen. He has been tracked by following the trail of diapers, though The Times-Tribune of Scranton reported that they might not be his.

We were really looking forward to spending the weekend building community at this wonderful location,” QuaC co-clerk Abby Reuscher ’17. “We just hope that this man is caught so the area can return to peace.”

At time of writing, Frein was still at large in Monroe County.

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