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Pinwheel Day Without the Pinwheels


Students on Founders Green

It was a glorious April day, with a high of 80 degrees and sunny skies predicted. In short, the perfect day for pinwheels. But when the Haverford community awoke, no pinwheels were spotted. They had been stolen.

Pinwheel Day is an annual Haverford tradition in which a mysterious group known as the “pinwheel fairies” decorate the College’s green with hundreds of pinwheels. It’s a day for everyone to come together, enjoy the warm weather, and celebrate spring.

According to an email sent out by Martha Denney, Dean of the College, and cosigned by Steve Watter and Michael Elias, the pinwheel fairies came last night but all the pinwheels were gone by the morning. Denney asked that those who took the pinwheels come forward.

“This is directly against community standards,” said Hannah Abrahams ’17, an Honor Council rep for the class of 2017. “It’s very upsetting.”

Denney’s email encouraged students to celebrate Pinwheel Day anyway, bring out pinwheels from previous celebrations, and enjoy the warm weather.

Two leftover boxes of pinwheels were found and two Haverford House fellows stopped by with boxes of pinwheels they had bought. As of mid-afternoon, people were laying out in the sun enjoying the day.

“To be honest, the pinwheels aren’t really important to me,” said Francesca Felder ’17. “What’s important is being able to spend time outside with friends. The pinwheels aren’t necessary for that.”

Felder spent most of the afternoon playing a game of pick up soccer on Founders Green. Many students were also playing frisbee and doing homework, as well as just spending time outside with friends.

According to Denney’s email, pinwheels may also make an appearance at this Saturday’s food truck event hosted by the AIDS Service Network.


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