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Anagha Aneesh '24 shows off her vaccination band-aid

Photos: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine at Haverford

Haverford College’s efforts to vaccinate all students, staff, and faculty are well underway. On April 2, it was announced that the College had secured enough vaccines for all students, staff, and faculty, and would be holding three paired vaccination events.

After holding the first immunization event on April 7, the next opportunity to be vaccinated took place on April 14. The first event gave out the Pfizer vaccine, while the second gave out Moderna shots. The Clerk sent Aby Isakov ’24 to capture the first event and spoke with students who received the vaccine to learn more about the experience of getting vaccinated on campus.

First, those receiving the vaccine checked in for their appointments in the lobby of the Douglas B. Gardner ’83 Integrated Athletic Center. Their temperature is taken before entering the basketball court, where they will receive the shot.

Once inside the arena, participants provide ID and insurance, and will also receive their CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Then, they proceed to a curtained stall to receive the shot.

Rocco Sotero ’24 is administered the vaccine by a Rite Aid pharmacist

After being immunized, individuals were given a timer and asked to wait for a 15 minute monitoring period. An EMT was on site in case of any adverse reactions to the vaccine. Participants were expected to upload their vaccination card to the HaverHealth portal if they are a student, or Workday if they are an employee.

Lizzie Spano ’21 holds up her timer after getting the shot

The process took about 20 to 25 minutes in all, just as promised by the April 2 email announcing the vaccination program. Approximately 20 people were in the arena receiving the vaccine or waiting after their shots at any given time.

Students were thrilled to receive the shot. When asked for her thoughts on being immunized, Eva White ’23 said, “I’m feeling very optimistic. I’ll be in the apartments this summer, so it’s really exciting to have the vaccine. We’ll be able to exist together and hang out with other people who are vaccinated. Just in the immediate living situation, things are going to feel a lot more relaxed.”

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