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PHOTO ESSAY: Bi-co Bands & Songwriters Fall 2014

Liam Lynch

DSC_6055.NEF DSC_6064.NEF DSC_6093.NEF


You’re Making a Scene, Housecat
DSC_6131.NEF DSC_6155.NEF DSC_6162.NEF


Nobody’s Business

DSC_6347.NEF DSC_6354.NEF DSC_6361.NEFDSC_6379.NEF


Bibi & the Bull

DSC_6497.NEF DSC_6508.NEF DSC_6513.NEF DSC_6529.NEF DSC_6532.NEF DSC_6555.NEF DSC_6583.NEF DSC_6586.NEF


Bazmati Vice

DSC_6597.NEF DSC_6607.NEF DSC_6619.NEF

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