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No Clustering? The Future of Haverford Housing Policy

This year, Haverford upperclassmen may have noticed a change in the housing process: no longer can suites cluster together during room draw. In previous years, groups wanting to live in Lloyd Hall, Leeds Hall, Kim Hall, and the North Dorms could “cluster” with other suites: for instance, twelve people could apply for  two suites in Lloyd, which house six students each, on one application and under a single lottery number. Previous room draw guidelines note this as a way for students to conveniently live close together with many friends.

“For clustering, we’re trying to transition to an online system and follow suit with a lot of other colleges. Haverford has a pretty complicated room draw system. And in order to make that transition and start doing things online we had to eliminate clustering because those options won’t be available when we switch [to an online room draw system] hopefully next year,” said Elena Marcovici ‘21, co-head of the Residential Life committee.

“For the larger HCA groups, however, we’ll probably still work with paper,” continued Katie Chung ‘21, the other co-head.

While the co-heads are unsure of exactly what room draw will look like next year, the hope is the process will be much more streamlined and less stressful. Over the next year, the co-heads will continue planning the transition to the online system as well as building up a residential student liaison program to act as an intermediary between the students, facilities, and housekeeping in the Residential Life Office.

Ally Edwards ‘22 is cautiously optimistic of the upcoming changes: “I think it could maybe work—it seems like it would be easier than everyone coming into a room but I also feel like it has the potential to be more confusing.”

The Residential Life  committee co-heads are eager to gather student feedback. “If you have any thoughts or comments on residential life consider joining the committee,” said Marcovici.

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